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  1. @sundogak Glad you got it working. The thing that still boggles my mind is that your screen shows (what I assume) the input fields filled in based on the ctrlr file... which is good. The only problem is I couldn't get it to apply the new input commands. I know I did everything right because if you place the wrong .cfg name in, mame.ini, MAME will crash. Sounds like you did everything I did, so now I am left scratching my head trying to figure out how to get it to work. I'll look everything over again tonight to see if I can get it working again.
  2. Gotcha... good to know. I just assumed that arcade controls would be a bit of a mess in general because there's no universal code or expectation on how to place buttons (like on consoles). Sounds like I was overthinking it a bit (which is good too know). Thanks!
  3. I guess my concern with just a general setup is do the controls translate well between fighting games, NEO GEO games, CPS games and so on? I like the idea of the ctrlr file they made because it looked like they did the grunt work of giving you the best configurations for different button layouts, thus avoiding the pitfall of having to go into the Machine Inputs... can a proper ctrlr file help with that or am I going to have to suck it up and tweak the Machine Inputs as I go along?
  4. I'm confused. I assumed that the ctrlr file IS the solution, I was asking to see if anyone here had any idea as to why the ctrlr file isn't adding the changes to my inputs. If this isn't the solution I am looking for (specified in my first post) then let me know, and I will just do it manually. But I hate to spend hours doing everything manually when I have the solution already, I may be missing one simple step to get it to work.
  5. Thanks Lordmonkus, but was hoping for something possibly quicker. That's why I was seeing if a premade ctrlr ( cfg ) file would take care of most of that setup. Supposedly the one I linked to at arcadecontrols.com works for others, just can't get it to work on mine. Push comes to shove I'll just manually set them up, but was hoping to speed up the porcess.
  6. AldousHxIE and Kinks were the creator (and revisor) of the Xbox ctrlr file they made/linked in the arcadecontrols.com link. My hope/goal is to find a pre-made xbox controller setup that takes care of most setups (the above ctrlr file, they made custom configs for NEO GEO games vs CPS). But when I plug in the ctrlr file in mame.ini I don't see those changes when I open MAME and look at the Input's in either the General or Machine Input menus. All it shows is keyboard setups. I am assuming if the ctrlr file is working I would see those joystick inputs in both Input Menus as well as the keyboard Inputs, right?
  7. I will try my best to keep this short and sweet, but I got the most recent mame installed and setup and running. I am using this with Bigbox to play on my living room TV, and was wanting to find a quick pre-made XBOX controller config file to get me up and rolling quickly. I know about setting up controls from the General Input and Machine Input, but was hoping to get something that would take care of most of the basic setups for me (trying to work smarter not harder with this). I already found this post at arcadecontrols.com downloaded both the original version from AldousHxlE as well as the revised version from Kinks. Placed the .cfg files in the ctrlr folder, and added the name to the mame.ini file ( I tried both versions). Only thing is when I go back to check the General Inputs in MAME, all I see are keyboard commands. No joystick commands. I'm using a wireless XBOX One Controller and checking the cfg folder my default.ini file is still in its original state since installation. Am I missing a step or does the most recent MAME version not support this setup anymore? Am I correct to assume that if the ctrlr file worked properly I should see joystick commands on the proper controller input fields?
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