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  1. So I got a new issue after the latest update which makes big box freeze up for around 10 seconds and the games pauze for around 10 seconds as well. Anyone had any similar issues?
  2. Thanks for the Snak3ater for this awesome theme, I am enjoying it a lot. I was wondering if I could have all the background videos provided by the media pack playing after one another. Not sure if this is possible, but would be awesome if so.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer Neil! I was using Retrocafé theme and changing it to criticalzone theme does not get me the error message. My guess is I need to re download the Retrocafé theme then, assuming it has been updated. Thanks for clearing it up!
  4. Hi everyone, I have run into an issue where when I browse through my games of any platform an error message gets shown, telling me that the parsing costum gamedetailsview failed and that it will show me the default view instead. I can browse through my library, see the same details I did before, and play games, but the message will keep showing up after telling it OK. Now this is very annoying obviously and I tried restarting but that didn't resolve it. Looking at the message I am not sure if I changed anything regarding the game details view. Can anyone point me to some options where I can start fiddling around and is this a known issue? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for your reply I am using a no intro Romset which works flawlessly for the Retroarch Mupen and Project64. By downloading directly from the source I assume you mean that I download M64P from the creators website or do you mean the original Mupen64?
  6. Hi everyone! The emulator will sometimes run the game from the get go, it will crash, it will keep crashing or it will crash a couple of times before succesfully launching. I have tried it on a couple of games but it keeps happening. I am using the default m64p settings except that I have set count per op to 1 and I use 1080x1920 resolution with crop overscan. changing these settings to default don't prevent the crashes. I have been searchin on the web but I haven't any page detailing a similar issue to mine. Nothing as irragular as my crashing issues though. Thanks in Advance
  7. After some further digging more people have the same issue. Low fps in certain areas. I tried some project64 but the same problem exists in more or less the same way. Suppose the game itself or the emulators aren't just optimized to run it at full fps all the time, even back when it came out. Mario64 ran perfectly so it isn't all gloom and doom. I hope Perfect dark will fare better then the James bond games.
  8. I also tried some Golden eye and while this issue doesn't appear to be exactly the same fps issue there is considerable choppiness in the game. The first level at the start works fine, very smooth, but nearing the dam and the performance is noticeably less. The fps stays the same unlike in The world is not enough, but the gameplay is just soooo choppy and that is also really noticeable if I look at other people on youtube play the game. Perhaps my specs aren't up to snuff but I think they are. In case you are wondering: Processor: I5 7500K Gpu:AMD sapphire 6950 HD 8 GB of Ram: G.Skill DDR4 8 GB 24MHZ Motherboard: MSI Z270i And I run everything on an SSD should that matter.
  9. Thanks for the sprites and images explanation, and for your assistance. According to Retroarch the fps drops from 60 to about 20 -30 fps when looking in certain directions. In this games case I am looking at the npc in the bank and in the general direction of where I have to go. If I look around in that direction the fps basically halves and the sound is choppy as well. The frame rate is noticeably bad and borderline unplayable. But when I look at the entrance of the level I am in where I guess there is very little going on the fps is back to 60 fps and an looking around feels smooth like it should. I hope I described the situation adequately.
  10. Hi everyone! I have been trying to set up Mupen64plus through RA and from the get go the graphics were extremely blurry. Now after some digging on google I learned that I could use the quick menu to get into core specific settings and I messed around with the settings there. I am using a 144 hertz monitor at the moment with a 1920x1080 resolution so I set the core options to 4:3 1920x1440. The game, James bond: The world is not enough, which I have been testing settings on, looks sharp although the texts look blocky still. The FPS though is tanking like a Mofo and there are black lines in the geometry of npc's faces and other objects. I tried several resolutions and scale but the low fps remains. Now I have toyed around a bit with several settings and it was one of the resolution settings that made the black lines appear. The FPS is still a mess. I tried out Banjo Tooie with the same settings and with that game I have no FPS loss and the game runs fine as is although unlike the James bond game, Banjo tooie will not full up the entire screen. I am rambling on a little bit but I'll try to condense all this in to questions: 1. Has anyone encountered a similar issue in 'James bond the world is not enough' 2. Are there universally preferred settings for the entire n64 library or will I have to tailor them per game? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi everyone I have been trying to get my psx games to run but I've had some trouble. I have been running psx games through epsxe fine until for some reason it kept crashing on me. I figured I'd try Retroarch's psx emulators and unfortunately I haven't had much luck there either. I placed the three Bios files in the system folder of Retroarch and set the correct path to them in Retroarch. I tried launching several games but no response. Does anyone perhaps know about this issue I'm having? Thanks in advance! After trying to run a bunch of games in my playlist only the game Alundra will play for some reason. (without the controller working) Edit: two games from my list launch without visuals, only sound.
  12. That looks like THE solution. I came across this device earlier but there is very little talk about it on forums when searching about things surrounding compatibility with controllers and what not. I didn't quite know if it held up since there seems to be little talk about, but since you recommendation I'll check it out. Do you have any experience with the Bliss-box?
  13. Hi everyone I've been having a blast with launchbox/bigbox at the moment and setting it up has been going smooth with the exception of configuring the different controllers I want to use for both Big box and specific emulators. For example: My 8bitdo snes controllers which worked perfectly fine earlier this week fail te even be recognised by my machine right now. Probably because I installed SCPToolkit drivers for my ps3 controllers. for me the goal is to emulate the NES and SNES with 8bitdo SNES controller, the n64 with the origal controllers, the Sega genesis with it's original controllers and MAME with my ps3 controllers, alongside the psx and ps2. Been digging around a bit to learn how people set up different controllers and this happens as far as I can tell with mixed succes. Windows looks to be a pain in the ass when it comes this. Have people been able make their machine and emulators recognize and auto configure their controllers? And if not what can I do to get close to accomplishing this? Or will I be stuck reinstalling drivers, restarting the pc and remapping button layouts everytime I want to use a different controller? Thanks in advance!
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