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  1. The degree symbol is not the same as superscript numbers. If it does change for those, I would expect to see a change to the game creation rules.
  2. Glad you've got your head screwed on straight, now, Lugnut. Glad to know we won't see more of those.
  3. Thank you for you work and especially for the extra detail, that might make it so I can bug you less often! Bookmarked that page!
  4. Here is one that has flummoxed me a bit. I can't figure out how to remove the glow effect without messing up the lettering. I'm hoping you can work some magic.
  5. Very impressive work in this thread. I hope I can get a clear logo from the title in this box image, any help is appreciated. Several tries and my meager Gimp skills just weren't up to the job.
  6. To whomever is giving the person who is deleting C64 covers\box fronts an education I really appreciate it. They obviously didn't read the notes given to them with the last set they tried to delete, such as checking with GameBase64 before they tried to delete or make changes, so I'm not holding out much hope that this isn't the same person who submits the fake Wii games every week or so or the one that is obsessed with changing random game screenshots to things they obviously aren't like Control Panel info or Box fronts. However, it was nice to feel like someone is looking out for the platform. Thank you for addressing it quickly and knowledgeably. You made my day.
  7. I've seen Unlicensed used in relation to Nintendo/Superfamicom games that were not officially recognized by the platform rightsholder. Homebrew can be for games not officially published or for games that came out after the "natural life" of the platform. So if someone made a Nintendo game for sale now, the art wouldn't necessarily be fan art, but the game would be classified as a homebrew. Alt names should be used for each individual name. On the Fan Art Background vs Clear Logo issue. At one time it was stated that text in Fan Art backgrounds that interfered with reading the clear logos should not be used, but that is very subjective and logo sizes change all the time. Some have taken this to mean no text whatsoever, no matter how small, which seems like overkill.
  8. Anyone want to talk about the fact that lots of formats shipped games in magazines with tapes\disks attached to the magazine. Someone is trying to delete a bunch of the C64 games with magazine covers marked as box art that came packaged that way. I know we have MSX and Playstation media that came packaged similarly, not to mention all the plastic bag with a xerox inside for Apple, Atari and Commodore products. I think they should be marked as box art, but would love to hear a rational argument against it that doesn't start with "....it ain't box shaped".
  9. There are likely things that could be done with the web interface to help. Only accepting JPGs for fanart backgrounds springs immediately to mind, as does the ability to retract a DB addition you made yourself and realize is incorrect in some way. However, there are limited funds and bodies to do the work. The roadmap for the next wave of work was voted on and prioritized and none of those items are in the current plan. We can submit requests, if you do it let us know so we can vote for them on the submissions\error reporting site. I believe this is the place. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues?status=new&status=open Someone please correct me if this isn't the right place for such things.
  10. I can see this argument from both sides. On the one hand, people use regions when it simply isn't necessary and often in ways that cause problems. On the other hand if it truly is a single region game (leaving out ALL the ones where we later see that it isn't truly a single region release) then having it set for the correct region has no real impact. My vote is to set it once and leave it alone. Back and forth is a waste of everyone's precious and limited time. If it is already set to the correct region on a single region, let it stay that way. And I would like to reiterate the earlier point about the all caps reasons\explanations. Remember that many submitters do not moderate, so telling the same 3-5 moderators who already *know* the rules gets under the skin pretty quickly. You are preaching to the choir.
  11. Primary name should be the North American one, other names as Alt names. Though, be careful. Some of the Fan Art boxes look really convincing, which causes some people to upload them as actual Box Fronts instead of correctly uploading them as Fan Art Box Fronts. Ignore Fan Art for game naming. If I'm unsure, I skip it and let someone who knows the platform better do the voting. While we are on the subject, remember that release date is based on whatever was the very first release date without regard to the region where that happened. So you will often get a game with a NA primary name and a release date over a year before that was released in North America because it is using the Japanese or European release date. Also, we try to avoid using Kanji in primary name but instead use the phonetic translation (there is probably a better phrase for this, someone help me out) so instead of using 絶対に本当! ...we would use, Zettai ni hontō! Though again, kanji in alt game names is acceptable. Also you can use tools which allow you to take pictures or download the art to verify game names in other languages. I mostly use my cell phone and Google Translate, but I'm looking forward to trying this out: https://ian-nai.github.io/In-Browser-OCR/
  12. Numbers aren't a problem. Doom 3 isn't a problem but if it was Doom³ then it might cause a problem. Though I remember at one point Jason mentioned that only the dashes in default names caused issues after some fixes he did, I'm not sure what the status on superscript numbers (power of like ³, ², ⁴ and so forth) and so try to avoid them.
  13. Alternate Names cover a multitude of sins. One of them is to allow matching ROM names that might contain dashes, so they can include dashes.
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