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  1. Thanatos_Prime

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    I'd also like to add my request to have a copy of the rules and guidelines. I have a current question about which characters can cause problems in game names. Is the tilde ~ one of those problematic characters?
  2. Thanatos_Prime

    Search broken on Launchbox Games Database?

    The database is very large and it also appears to try to check alternate names for those games so 10 seconds on a high-volume day, especially if a lot of people are making additions to the DB is to be expected. Perhaps, in the future, they'll change it so you can just search one part of the database, such as one system to speed things up.
  3. Thanatos_Prime

    Essential Database Features REQUEST

    I agree with your take on Fan Art. From a C64 perspective Fan Art needs to stay. So many C64 titles were and still are put out without actual boxes that Fan Art is a necessity.
  4. Thanatos_Prime

    Essential Database Features REQUEST

    Re: #2 Protect "complete" Platforms from duplicate/invalid games. I think this needs to be implemented very carefully, I come from a heavy C64 background where there are many instances of multiple games having the exact same name. Not that this isn't already something of a problem, but a solution would need to be put in play to allow for this.