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  1. Before making it mandatory for Box art or if not set properly when the game itself was added, yes.
  2. I saw another batch come through recently, only one had a message but it was not *that* message, so perhaps it was from another submitter. Currently, I am all caught up again. We need to get a third party commenting on this. I did check my settings and opened moderation from another rarely used browser and with my AV disabled just to be sure the issue wasn't on my end. Then did it from another computer but there were no more moderations of this kind.
  3. Mad as a hatter then as it is not there. I use URLs all the time and have never had an issue, however I don't see my own moderations so it could be that we are all having issues with the Reason area not working properly. It would be really hard to know. If this is the case I can see you being really frustrated lately. Might want to check AV and scriptblocking as it may be getting blocked by one of those on your browsers side. Some more testing may be in order.
  4. ...and new changes of this type are still coming in without a link. After your last entry I got to a notification that there were no more moderations needed (Good Jorb!) and then I started getting more all without a link or info. If you are using some scripted or automated method of making these changes then your script\automation needs to be adjusted. If you are making changes manually I would really appreciate if you add a link as it will get people just jumping into the moderation stream to better understand our new paradigm.
  5. You included the link in one or two of the posts. Out of hundreds. And I'm only assuming you did it in 2, as I only saw one. And that was after moderating over 100 of them.
  6. Oh good, new information. It would have been really smart to have linked this Forum post when making the changes instead of just hammering the DB with them. Not everyone reads the forums over the holidays. That said, glad this is now working without all the extra alt names.
  7. Thanks for posting. I was debating if I was being overly harsh declining some of the ones that made the least sense. I have no problem adding jpg (if that's all you can make or get) if there are none in the DB, but deliberately replacing good PNG screenshots with questionable and only slightly larger JPG files seemed a bad move. I wish I had read this 30 minutes ago, you would have saved me some agonizing.
  8. We've been entering all the publishers, the DB can take all of them, it was designed for multiple publishers.
  9. The first rule of moderation is to check the information with multiple sources and try to use the best information possible. A game can have multiple publishers, in those cases all could be correct and all could be added. I don't think we need another rule for this, it is already covered.
  10. On another, hopefully less volatile note: There are submitters deleting all Kanji alternate names in the database. I had heard that this could be an issue with some themes, but I thought that this was just for primary naming, not alternate naming. I did a couple of searches here and possibly missed a conversation about it, but I don't see anything other than kanji being ok for the database itself. Can anyone give me some clarity on if Kanji characters in alternate names are a problem. I have a hard time approving deleting a large amount of information that someone worked to get into the d
  11. I would first change the name of the one already in the DB to America's Next Top Model (Arts Software) or whatever, mention that there are 2 versions with different Development teams in different years. Make sure to put the original name without parens in the alt name. Then remove the box art and comment that there are two versions and you are going to create the new one when the old images were removed, then create the new one with those developers in parenthesis.
  12. Great looking Fan-Art Box Fronts! Thank you for your hard work.
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