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  1. Wowzers, thank you for doing this and for the information, this will certainly change how I'm doing things and make my input a little less frustrating for others. Thanks again.
  2. Ok, I have a question I'm hoping to get help with. Lately, another fine contributor, who I am deeply thankful for, has been adding more than one set of boxes for a single region. I was, probably mistakenly, operating under an assumption that there could only be a single box set for a single region like Europe or North America and was putting later European releases under a single country, which didn't feel completely correct. Functionally, how will this work with Launchbox if there are two sets of European or North American boxes?
  3. My understanding is that the WikipediaURL is used to pull pictures into Launchbox as a fallback for images so it should not have any websites in it except Wikipedia websites. Youtube playthroughs of the game are perfect to my understanding. Anything that spoils the game too much should be avoided. If I have a choice of videos I try to pick the one that best represents the game, has good quality images and is family friendly, since you don't know the age of the person who might be clicking that link.
  4. My 2 cents: For Mods I would think we'd need to be really selective (they do call Doom Wads and Megawads, shovelware for a reason), in the same way that a Romhack that simply changed Mario to Luigi wouldn't rise to the level of an entry most Doom wads shouldn't but I could certainly see having entries for those Megawad collections that had CD releases and those that significantly upgraded video, or something like the 25th Anniversary Edition. For collectors edition, I was told that we should focus on the game itself. If the Collectors edition updated video or added more game modes then it would be a new entry. If it just came with a cool set of things external to the game like books or key chains then it doesn't rise to the level of an entry. Overviews can be all of the above, use what you have and if someone comes along later and can improve it then fantastic. I'm often dealing with text adventure games that predate most professionally written synopses, where box copies are nowhere to be found at the moment. I'll play the game for a bit and try to write one up myself, and if someone can find an old magazine article or box description I would welcome my entry being completely overwritten by a better one.
  5. Ok, I hope I can express this question correctly. I see people deleting Fan Art Backgrounds because they have text of any kind in them. To my knowledge the only kind of text we are on the lookout for are watermarks, website logos, uploader images or website icons for other websites. Am I incorrect?
  6. As an IT professional that is too often on the other side of this I want to thank you for your hard work getting thing back up and running. My experience tells me that too often gets left unsaid. Thanks for the stress you bear and the work you do.
  7. Ok, more clarifications. I see some people submitting replacements of a game screenshot at 320x240 resolution and submitting in its place a 320 x 200 resolution screenshot of the same exact screenshot scene as a correction, sometimes with the explanation that they are submitting with the "correct screen resolution". The only resolution requirements I'm aware of are the ones for Background based art and it seems that bigger is mostly considered better. Is there something I'm missing or is this like the people that think that game names are the same as watermarks and trying to remove all text from fan art? Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!
  8. I think that it would be wise to have a list of forbidden characters near the Invitation to Add A New Game. I would also love to see the ability to withdraw changes you've made in error in the Changes Status section. Lastly, I would love it if there was a way to search within a single platform without using the Add A New Game workaround. Thank you to all who work so hard to make this database and application go.
  9. Ok, a question for those of you who have been in the trenches a while. I see some people trying to add things like spreadsheets and PDA programs in the database. My gut reaction is that these are not games and shouldn't be in the games database but maybe I'm off-base on that. Some guidance would be appreciated.
  10. I'd also like to add my request to have a copy of the rules and guidelines. I have a current question about which characters can cause problems in game names. Is the tilde ~ one of those problematic characters?
  11. The database is very large and it also appears to try to check alternate names for those games so 10 seconds on a high-volume day, especially if a lot of people are making additions to the DB is to be expected. Perhaps, in the future, they'll change it so you can just search one part of the database, such as one system to speed things up.
  12. I agree with your take on Fan Art. From a C64 perspective Fan Art needs to stay. So many C64 titles were and still are put out without actual boxes that Fan Art is a necessity.
  13. Re: #2 Protect "complete" Platforms from duplicate/invalid games. I think this needs to be implemented very carefully, I come from a heavy C64 background where there are many instances of multiple games having the exact same name. Not that this isn't already something of a problem, but a solution would need to be put in play to allow for this.
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