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  1. Seconding this, native Linux Launchbox would be awesome. I understand Steam Deck could have Windows installed instead, but honestly I only tolerate Windows at this point, rather than actively aim to use it. Not to mention that if Valve manage to get their instant Suspend/Resume feature working, that's nigh guaranteed to be exclusive to SteamOS.
  2. Randomly had an idea for a theme, but I have absolute zero knowledge on the subject myself. So before I get started trying to learn everything and putting the time into creating it, I thought I'd make sure that what I want is actually possible. One of the main aspects I was thinking of, the platforms would be listed in the standard Horizontal wheel layout, but only the currently selected one would have its colours. The rest would all be reduced to greyscale when not selected. But thinking about it, I don't think I've ever used a skin that changed colours of menu elements in any form. Is this kind of action even possible with BigBox's skin support?
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