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  1. Hello Retro808, how are you? I agree that there should be more control over the images you upload. I have done a huge job collecting most of the front covers in better resolution, as I always try to improve the quality. It could veto the size of certain arts. Covers with a resolution below 350x350 are practically unused. I prefer to limit it to a minimum of 400x400, as I can recover them. Same thing in size. One, the cover with a lot of information in 350x350 of 10k doesn't help. I know that the community is contributing, but filling up with so much bad image is sad for us. About GB / GBA / GBC I had to recover almost 900 covers. Almost 50% of the total. Think about whether you can do something that improves the image database. Will release tomorrow on my FB group a full collection 1G1R for GB/GBC/GBA with full medias, all covers in 960p. Claudio
  2. Brazilian translation for LB 11.0 (29.06.2020 - FINAL) No more changes @Jason Carr!!! 😇 Language-pt-BR_LB 11.0 - 29.06.2020 (FINAL).zip Claudio
  3. @Jason Carr Im found 4 erros, wait for my new translation in some minutes for official version.
  4. Brazilian translation for LB 11.0 (27.06.2020 - FINAL) Language-pt-BR_LB 11.0 - 27.06.2020.zip Claudio
  5. Hi @Jason Carr, how do u do mate? Brazilian translation for LB 11.0 "Beta 3" is online. Language-pt-BR_LB 11.0 BETA 3 - 26.06.2020.zip Claudio
  6. Nice!! For me just need 1 second fade in/out + SD/HD (16:9 & 4:3) profile to convert. Perfect for intent. Claudio
  7. Thank you very much for sharing @Robin55. They were perfect for upscale. I'm redoing all my covers. Claudio
  8. CORRECT - LB 10.14 WRONG - LB 10.15 LB 10.15 LB 10.14 Atari 5200 - LB 10.14.xlsx Atari 5200 - LB 10.15.xlsx Claudio Atari 5200 - LB 10.14.xlsx Atari 5200 - LB 10.15.xlsx
  9. @Jason Carr after the tip from my german brother @Opak , I'm sure it's not safe to use 😅😅😅 Thanks Opak!!! Claudio
  10. Hello @Jason Carr, The image get on Pinterest. No see copyright in anywhere. Original link: Jason, in the 10.15 last beta, Audit option is not properly work. Its not export default fields (Name rom, Video path, Clear logo images...All fields are gone) Claudio
  11. Brazilian translation for LB 10.15 (Final) Brazilian translation_LB 10.15 (17.05.2020).zip Claudio
  12. Hi @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.15 "Beta 9" is online. Brazilian translation_LB 10.15 (Beta 9).zip Claudio
  13. @ground7 720p upscale to 1080p is too easy using neural networks tech. Look for it. Claudio
  14. Hello @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.15 "Beta 5" is up. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.15 BETA 5 - 04.05.2020.zip Claudio
  15. Hi @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.15 "next Beta" is here. All new translations + some corrections and new translations. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.15 BETA - 30.04.2020.zip Claudio
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