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  1. Hi @Jason Carr, Translation 9.8 is done. Language-pt-BR_9.8_Final Release_21.05.2019.zip Claudio
  2. Hi @Jason Carr New Translation 9.8 is on - Beta (09.05.2019): Strings updated Language-pt-BR_Beta_09.05.2019.zip Claudio
  3. Hello @Jason Carr New Translation 9.8 is on - Beta (08.05.2019): Language-pt-BR_Beta_08.05.2019.zip Claudio
  4. Hi @Jason Carr New 9.8 Beta (04.05.2019) Translation: Language-pt-BR_Beta_04.05.2019.zip Claudio
  5. Hello @Jason Carr, New 9.8 Beta 5 Translation: Language-pt-BR_9.8 Beta.zip Claudio
  6. Maybe user run Windows Vista and dont have support really.
  7. Windows 7? Time to upgrade for 10. Look your PM in 30 minutes Claudio
  8. Do u use any codec pack? If not try Normal K-lite Codec Pack Claudio
  9. Thank you very much @Jason Carr Everything 100% now. 😍 Claudio
  10. Final version with About Form complete. Language-pt-BR_9.6_Final Release.zip __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Jason Carr I saw that there is a difference when I select the Brazilian language on Theme Select. In the theme version if you use English, it comes with "." If you use Brazilian Portuguese it comes with ",". Can you fix this before official release? Claudio
  11. Hi @dukeemu, I think he already gave a positive signal in "9.6 Changelog" New Russian translation thanks to @alexposad on the LaunchBox forums Claudio
  12. Me too @Jason Carr ?? I got home a few moments ago. Brazilian Portuguese - Launchbox - 9.6.zip
  13. @Jason Carr now I've seen that we can change. Forget my request. Its ok. Claudio
  14. Hello @CriticalCid Is there any way to put fanart background per game work in the theme? I have tested on the other versions of Unified and none of them have this option. Thanks Claudio
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