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  1. Jason, is the beta version with the new translations is out (12. Beta 3)? If YES, the pt-BR version did not update. It's still in English. Claudio
  2. Hello @Jason Carr, how do u do my friend? Brazilian Portuguese 12 is released!! Language-pt-BR - [LB 12] - (02.10.2021).zip Claudio
  3. The only program I use to rename my roms for almost 4 years is Advanced Renamer (Freeware). I don't like the pattern used and prefer to keep it simple. Game name (Region).Extension Game name (Region) CD-0X.Extension Always create my sets with 0 clones (When it's possible to do this). Claudio
  4. Hello @Jason Carr Brazilian Portuguese 11.16 is released!! Language-pt-BR_LB 11.16 (22.08.2021).zip Claudio
  5. V2 Working perfectly on my Xiaomi Note 8 Pro and very fast. Claudio
  6. Same here. Xiaomi Note 8 Pro (6GB/128GB) - Android 10 - Launchbox with full permission, roms in Launchbox/Games/Atari 2600 in zip. I believe that now the option that was removed in Launchbox, EXPORT to ANDROID, would be ideal as many already have full packs + artworks. Is there any chance of this happening folks? Claudio
  7. Hi Wingsta96, for second question: https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=548 Claudio
  8. Done!! Thanks Jason. Claudio
  9. I don't know about this system, but I saw on the NET that it is a 3D version of Pico-8. Let me download and see what I can do. Claudio
  10. HI @Jason Carr, Brazilian Portuguese 11.13 is released!! Language-pt-BR_LB 11.13 (18.07.2021).zip Claudio
  11. If confirmed, it would be a dream come true...??? Claudio
  12. Hello Neil, I think we are taking a different view. Nobody buys a Pi 4 to install Windows 10 and use emulator. People use native OS, correct? Even though you can install Windows. In this case, my vision is to see Launchbox running natively, as I just put the folders on the SD and that's it. 99.9% of emulators work on Linux, Retroarch runs perfectly, so it's just Launchbox. And the best part, without having to add anything from the stores, since we'll be at STEAM, only games even RETRO videogames/computers and the ease of being an excellent performance architecture that won't be a headache, since the hardware is the same on all models. @C-Beats would love this. I'm not talking about licenses or values, but in a way that Launchbox can gain greater visibility within STEAM. Can you imagine you finish playing a game of CS and go straight to play a Mario Kart or Crash Bandicoot with a wonderful performance? Claudio
  13. Hi @Jason Carr, With the release for the end of the year of the Steam Deck (VALVE) will we have a launchbox version on STEAM? It would be the perfect wedding for anyone who enjoys online gambling. Claudio
  14. Jason, a lot of useful apps aren't in the Play store and that doesn't mean people stop downloading and using them. It has already been noticed that there is a great demand and currently the emulation only tends to improve with the new devices. I would love to see Launchbox again on android. Claudio
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