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  1. Portuguese-Brazilian is updated!! Language-pt-BR_10.2_Final.zip Claudio
  2. Hello @Jason Carr Portuguese-BR - LB 10.2 for next beta updated translations ( 24.09.2019). Language-pt-BR_10.2_For_Next_Beta.zip Claudio
  3. Hello @Jason Carr Portuguese-BR - LB 10.2 beta 2 updated translations ( 22.09.2019). Language-pt-BR_10.2_Beta2.zip Claudio
  4. Hi @Jason Carr Portuguese-BR - LB 10.2 beta updated translations. Language-pt-BR_10.2_Beta_16.09.2019.zip Claudio
  5. Hi @Jason Carr Wheres find this translate LabelPlain - "Plain" in Launchbox/BigBox? Im search for all but no clue. Claudio
  6. Many thanks for Beta 6 release @Jason Carr. I was able to fix some translation errors for Android. I will not update anymore. Version 10 below is complete now for official release. Language-pt-BR - Final Edition.zip Claudio
  7. Wait for me @Jason Carr Final version for Portuguese-BR - LB 10.0 Language-pt-BR_LB 10.0 - Final Version.zip Claudio
  8. New zip with string updated is uploaded @Jason Carr Language-pt-BR-10-New.zip Claudio
  9. Hello @Jason Carr, Will we have time for another beta? I wish this particular version (its a awesome version 10 😍) had no translation errors. Language is fully updated for 10.0 version: Language-pt-BR -10.zip Claudio
  10. Hello @Jason Carr, too much work with the Android version? Translation pt-BR 10.0 - Beta 3 - (17.08.2019) is fully updated! 90 New Translations 10 Redone Translations 35 Corrections 28 Substitutions Language-pt-BR_10.0 - Beta 3 - (17.08.2019).zip Claudio
  11. I redid almost all HS lists. Remove PROTO/BETA/UNL/TRANSLATED/ETC ... Only official games or released full. I separated USA/JAP/EUR. Illogical to mix it up. Claudio
  12. Look here: PS: All NEC systems need bios files. Claudio
  13. Olá @Jason Carr, Translation pt-BR 9.11 (Beta - 18.07.2019) is updated! - Some translations have been redone giving better overall quality. Language-pt-BR_Beta_9.11 (18.07.2019).zip Claudio
  14. Thanks for reply @Jason Carr I can live with this 😆 See you on the next release my friend. Claudio
  15. Hello @Jason Carr, I have a question. Any chance to translate genre of games titles? Claudio
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