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  1. Hello @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.12 (Beta 13) is up. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.12 (Beta 13) - 06.04.2020.zip Claudio
  2. Hi @Robin55 , thanks for amazing work. Any chance to share the 2D covers? I would like to turn them all into HQ using convolutional neural networks. Claudio
  3. Give full access for "Everyone" in share folder and security tabs. Give full access in HDD root too. Try & reply. Claudio
  4. I want this. Have some ideas. 4x1 cartridge game or individual cartridge? Claudio
  5. Hi @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.12 (Beta 7) is here. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.12 (Beta 7) - 26.03.2020.zip Claudio
  6. This is sad to know @dukeemu I hope this crisis will end soon. Be careful in the next days mate. Claudio
  7. Hi @Jason Carr, Brazilian translation for LB 10.11 is here. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.11 - 06.03.2020.zip Claudio
  8. Great Harry. its very very nice. 😍
  9. Once again Jason. Translation for new beta 6 is updated: Language-pt-BR_LB 10.11 BETA 6.zip Claudio
  10. Translation for new beta 5 is here: Language-pt-BR_LB 10.11 BETA 5.zip Claudio
  11. Hello @Jason Carr I'm using the Unified Redux Wheel3GamesView. How do increase the size of the CD? He wanted it a little bigger. Claudio
  12. How have you been @Jason Carr ? Translation for new beta 4 is here. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.11 BETA 4.zip Claudio
  13. Hello @Jason Carr, whats new my friend? Translation for LB 10.11 BETA is here. Language-pt-BR_LB 10.11 BETA..zip Claudio
  14. Hey guys, I apologize for the delay in responding, but I had a busy day today setting up a new PC for my wife. Thank you for those who are willing to help in this arduous task. I'm contacting via MP to find out how we can do this as a team. Claudio
  15. Hi all, Are anyone interested in doing a task force to restore the damaged covers of some systems or even all systems? I've been doing this for a long time, but there comes a time when time is short. For edit the covers you don't need to be an expert in Photoshop, with just 5 or 6 tools and 3/5 minutes, you already get amazing results. If anyone wants, post here that I can help with tips and material. Below are some recoveries that took a maximum of 3,4 minutes to make. Claudio
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