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  1. Ok, seems XCI is then the better way to go... No parameters to be set for fullscreen or any other parameters?
  2. Mmh... XCI roms don't need to be "installed" within Yuzu? How do you update XCI roms?
  3. Thanks. But how to add the actual game? I don't see one launch file for Yuzu emulated games. I installed within the Yuzu app using the NSP file. But the installed directory within Yuzu then does not include one executable of any form.
  4. Yuzu is getting better and better. By now, SMO is working reasonably well. Any idea how I can add it to LaunchBox?
  5. Also even weirder. I cannot map keys for the second controller. Both controller 1 & 2 only accept key mapping from the first controller. Both controller map nicely and actually work with PC games.
  6. The good news is that the new mapping seems to work and I can play with BigBox/CEMU and controller. However, I'd still need to solve the underlying issue. Left-click falsely maps as "R-Stick" and right-click doesn't map at all (but launches Steam). Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks. Did you manually map them or does it show automatically like this? I just tried deleted and cleared everything and tried to redo from scratch. Weird enough, Left-click shows as R-Click and rick-click doesn't exist. Now, this makes the issue even weirder. I had mapped it before, but didn't face this issue. No idea what is causing this now. And not even sure it is now even working.
  8. Thanks for your quick reply. I gave it a try and deleted the profiles, but without success. The CEMU input setting is now set to "emulate controller disabled". Shall I try setting it to something else?
  9. Very weird issue. I can use my xbox one s (bluetooth) to control bigbox/launchbox. i can launch windows games and play them with the controller. i can launch emulator games (dolphin, cemu), but the controller doesn’t work. not even simple “a button”, so i’m stick at the start screen. i can force-exit via controller automation. when launching the game directly via dolphin, the controller works and i can play. but it doesn’t work if launched via launchbox/bigbox. i have enabled controller support and all controllers. any thoughts?
  10. I am running Moonlight on Raspberry. Was trying to stream BigBox, which is the sole purpose what I'm looking for from BigBox. I added the bigbox.exe to GFE. I tried "moonlight stream -app BigBox", which starts the stream, but only gets me to the desktop. BigBox is not launching. Anyone using BigBox in combination with Moonlight or Gamestream / Shield? Any thoughts?
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