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  1. @JoeViking245 I suspect you are right. I however would still be able to use all of my custom made assets, I'd just have to install them manually (videos & a few wheel images). All of the tables on my desktop version have been modified by me to my liking. FYI for other folks, moving the position of LED numeric displays is a bit time consuming, everything else is pretty easy like making and inserting the backgrounds or moving the DMD. I'll still stick with PinballX for my real cabinet it makes multiple screens so much easier to set up for theme as well as play. Old video just to share
  2. Do you think it would be easier to setup Bigbox to launch something like PinballX rather than individual tables? I've been working on setting up custom Desktop versions of the tables to use in my next arcade build so it can be a sort of all in one build Arcade w/pinball. Also to use in a dedicated EMU PC to be used like a console. an example of what I'm doing can be seen here but it has changed a bit since then.
  3. I ran across something similar. I just updated first time since 9 something and I found that all my MAME games that launched with Rocket Launcher were broken. I came across a post (I can't find now) that mentioned the pause screen or start up screen so I edited the Rocket Launcher under emulators to not use the start up screen and everything seems to be working again. The errors I got were anything from ROM not found in path to it couldn't find the Rocket Launcher database for that Emulator (MAME). I use a merged set and have some of the games set to launch an alternate ROM other than the parent ROM. Edit: I got those errors and still do when I right click a rom and click open Rocket Launcher then Test. However they work in Launchbox with the pause screen disabled. I think I did something funky on my setup with Rocket Launcher and Retroarch together but I can't remember.
  4. Thanks, i will try it this way when I get home. I might even try to get it to auto populate from multiple systems.
  5. OK I found it, I had to uncheck the auto populate box. Leaving this here in case someone else searches for something similar.
  6. I used the Create missing arcade/MAME playlist under tools and it worked great. The problem I'm having is that when I try to add, lets say a Naomi or a Model 2 light gun game, to the Arcade light gun games list (right click> add to list) it says 1 game added to playlist but when I go to the playlist it is not there. I'm assuming it is because MAME has these marked as not working, Is there a way to make this work? or do I need to edit a file manually? I would have thought that it just adds to the list like it does if you make one manually, EMU and everything, just how it is in its native list but I must be wrong. Edit: I've made manual list from multiple platforms before, I know I can always go to the list and hit "cntrl+A" and create a new list and then add to the new list I, I'm just wondering if there is something simple I missed.
  7. Thanks, I found it and made a note in case someone else asks this question. I went ahead and got a lifetime so I'm covered, it is in the Premium version.
  8. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere but I couldn't find it. I was wondering if there is a way to prioritize which screenshot is used? As it is now it seems that Game Titles are prioritized over Game Play and I prefer Game Play, Is there a way to change which screenshot is the default? Edit - should have stated in Launchbox (free) Edit-2 Sorry found it, it is a premium feature under Options>Legacy
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