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  1. Understood. Do you have the proper clear logo downloads for us?
  2. I recently added PS1 games to Big/LaunchBox but when I go to the platform wheel I just get the blank and generic font for playstation as opposed to the logo. Is there anyway to get the logo and force it to appear or not?
  3. Whenever I use launchbox or Big Box my computer cursor disappears which isn't normally a problem but I use two monitors and want to control the shows/forums/social medias/programs to spy on you in the shower. How do I toggle this?
    Looks good, I love the music and the effects, but the text for Big Box could use some work, maybe enlarging it and sticking to the usual Big Box logo.
  4. About a week ago I discovered Launchbox and fell in love. But as I was adding games I noticed some issues with two games, Mario Party 6 and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Mario Party 6, for whatever reason is using art work from Trauma Center under it's screenshots; and Star Wars: The Clone Wars is using assets from the 2008 cartoon that came out 5 years after the game, namely logo and fanart. Anyway this can be addressed in the next patch?
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