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  1. Hi, Wich is the best Mame core in Retroarch for Mame roms ?
  2. Ok I will search for it. So any advice for a Mame emulator in LB ?
  3. Hello there, I am experiencing some troubbles with Mame Roms.. If i am correct a Mame Romset much match the same version as the MAme emulator.. Mame 0.214 romset works with mame 0.214 ??? I have a Mame romset (don't know the version) and I have a lot of roms that they don't work... I use this version of Mame http://arcade.mameworld.info/ What set of Mame roms I have to use ? Thanks
  4. Thanks !! Great guide I will test it soon.
  5. Hi all, I want to use Taito Type X rom on Lauchnbox. I have some rom from HyperPC with attract mode on windows. Can someone tell le how can I put theses roms in Launchbox ? I have found a video tutorial in the Youtube channel of Launchbox but it's too old. Thanks.
  6. But ChaseHQ workf with fba2012, core in retroarch.. I Have to go deeper ..
  7. Ok thanks. I have some roms that are not working with mama Chasehq for example... Roms are from the MAME set 0.197. If I swithc form mae for Fba the mame's playlist are recreated automatically or I have to do this manually ?
  8. Hi all, I want to know if replacing Mame with Retroarch core FBA libretto 2012 or FBA libretto is a good idea ? I want to use retroarch shader in Arcade games for better rendering. Thanks.
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