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  1. Yes, the current bezel integration is what we have ... It's quite "fragile". What would be better is if the bezels had dynamically generated configuration files perhaps based on the current rom set or dynamically added by the launcher. Due to the way RetroArch configuration files work, too much can go wrong with the current setup. Also with Launchbox, it would be good if they tracked ROMs based upon checksums rather than just filename, this way, matches would be much better. Sure it works, but it is a house of cards.
  2. Yes, I'm using No-Intro and Redumps. I would say 90% are matched, but the remaining 10% is a PITA. Some systems are worse than others, i.e. Gameboy Handhelds with the 2-in-1 cartridges.
  3. Hi all, I've been using Launchbox Premium for the last few weeks and it works pretty good. However, I find the ROM name parser to be a bit weak - basically any name that has a prefix (i.e. Disney: Cars) will cause the ROMs to be mismatched. Any plans to improve the parser or perhaps implement alternative strategies like tracking ROMs by checksums, file size, or some other metric that could use to help augment finding unknown ROMs? Just wondering... thanks.
  4. Any plans to incorporate the Bezel Project as a plug-in into Launchbox itself? The fact that bezel name matching is so strict is a problem... but if Bezels were stored as metadata in Launchbox, the actual name of the bezel would matter less. The current system when it works, works great, but at the same time is also very fragile due to the naming convention as well as the potential, in Retroarch to overwrite the configs accidentally.
  5. Great video, any plans for a short version? i.e. maybe just the start up logo?
  6. I'm having the same issue with MAME and Pause Screens... 1/2 the time the pause screens work, the other 1/2 the time, the pause screens just pause MAME. I can't figure out the pattern, when it works, it works great, but then stops working randomly after a while.
  7. Old thread, but you can add this to the default command line and it seems to work: --escape-exit https://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=12344
  8. coolspot

    eXoDOS v4

    Time to update my 2.0 collection 🙂 Thanks, great job... love being able to easily relive my childhood.
  9. Is there a way to add a dynamic filter - i.e. where platform= 'current platform'? I want to create a star rating playlist per platform, but I don't want to manually create one per platform. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone use AutoHotKey to automate starting of LaunchBox / Big Box as part of the Windows boot up? I have it working well, however, in cases where LaunchBox is already startred, I like it to press CTRL+B and allowing LaunchBox to gracefully shutdown and launch Big Box. Unfortunately, I can't seem to send the right keystrokes to Big Box. This command seems to do nothing: ControlSend,,^b,ahk_Class HwndWrapper\[LaunchBox\.exe;;[\-\w]*\] I also tried: ControlSend,,^b,LaunchBox Any other suggestions? In can get AHK to type into NotePad or the Command Prompt screens with no issues, it's just that LaunchBox doesn't accept input?
  11. What I mean is that in many themes, it seems to use the priority: Theme Video -> Snap Video -> Static Screen Shot when displaying gameplay. So I was just confused why there is a differentiation between a snap vs. theme video when essentially it's the same type of file except a theme video has a fancier border.
  12. Yeah, but essentially it's the same type of video file is it not? Just wondering why there are two file formats - confusing managing so much media.
  13. Hi all, What's the difference between a theme video and a video snap? Theme videos seem more elaborate but a lot of themes use them instead of a snap when it's available? Do I need both or in most cases one or the other is OK? Thanks.
  14. I gave that a try and the bezels don't load up consistently with lr-mame core. Perhaps something else has changed between the core versions too?
  15. Native MAME seems to work well with the official Bezel Project install application... but RetroArch only supports lr-mame2003 and lr-mame2010? Is there a way to manually make the bezels work with lr-mame (latest) instead?
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