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  1. I just tried to add Epic Games into my LaunchBox 11.3 instance and same issue - no games show up. First time trying to import Epic Games content into LB. I did notice, under Epic Games --> Account --> Connections --> Apps, Launchbox isn't listed as well even though I provided it credentials? Does LB use this API or another method to scrape the data?
  2. Some games like Virtua Fighter 2 still don't have a bezel, I thought that the software supports creating a default bezel? Since my update, VF2 doesn't display a default bezel anymore? Any idea how to enable the default bezel on MAME standalone? Thanks.
  3. Hmm... the import parser detects each ROM as a separate item, but during actual import, the ROMs are filtered. Any plans to improve duplicate checking? Thanks.
  4. It's not just MAME, several systems have import issues (at least on 11.2)
  5. Yes, you're right - I noticed the offsets in the LAY files have changed as well. The old April 2020 LAY files I had right=14, new ones got switched to an offset of 12 and 1/2 the emulated output gets cut off. Hopefully it's a quick fix for @dragon57 and the Bezel Project team 🤞
  6. Download NotePad++ and do a "find and replace" - it will search through all *.lay files in a folder and replace the wrong attributes.
  7. Your post pushed me to update my bezel set, I think there is a bug in the latest Bezel Project installer - it is generating invalid LAY files. I'm not sure if this related to your problem. Try to do a find and replace of your LAY files for Width = Right and Height = Bottom in the LAY files.
  8. Is there any update regarding this issue - I'm having trouble importing a Redump set of Nintendo Wii, several .wbfs files are not being imported including Sesame Street Wii games. Here are some examples: Sesame Street - Cookie's Counting Carnival - The Videogame (USA) Sesame Street - Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure - The Videogame (USA) Sesame Street - Elmo's Musical Monsterpiece - The Videogame (USA) (En,Es) Sesame Street - Ready, Set, Grover! with Elmo - The Videogame (USA) (En,Es) The importer parsed the name correctly in the previews, but doesn't import the actual ROM. I'll try turning off duplicates, but like others, would prefer to have a working importer. Out of 1270 wbfs files, only 1147 are importer - so almost 10% unique ROMs are being ignored. I wish Launchbox would produce an import audit report as well? UPDATE: Turning off the duplicate checking options worked - all games now imported.
  9. Hi all, I have Launchbox configured "perfectly" with a RecRoomMasters 4-Player Xtension controller (keybaord emulator), I will be adding a second Xtension 2-Player PRO controller to the setup (x-input). Is there a way for Launchbox to detect which controller is connected and swap my controller profiles easily? Either automatically or pass a variable to the emualtor on startup so that I can handle it the AHK start up script? Thanks.
  10. In case anyone is planning on doing the same, I have setup: BlazBlue (various) Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Street Fighter IV Street Fighter V Injustice Injustice 2 Soul Calibur 6 Tekken 7 with a RecRoomMasters 4 Player Joystick w/ IPAC successful in LB, it was pretty easy using x360kb from: http://www.emuline.org/topic/1239-simulate-x360-controllers-when-you-just-have-a-keyboard/ The tricky part is figuring out which XInput DLL to use, but it's usually a process of elimination. Only issue was Injustice 2 - it was detecting x360kb as a debugger / cheat, but turning off Steam input remapping in x360kb fixed the issue. I have configured my panel to map closely to an Xbox Fight Stick - and I just reuse the config across all the games. Tekken did require me to map the D-Pad rather than the Analog Input for menu navigation.
  11. Hi all, I got around to setting up Demul for Naomi games and I was looking for better shader options (mostly for scanlines). After a bit of searching, I found the CRT-Geom MOD project for Demul here: http://www.emuline.org/topic/1420-shader-crt-multifonction-kick-ass-looking-games/ Works great with making Demul look like a CRT, even adds an overlay and bezel too, there are even art packs! Just thought I'll share it with the community.
  12. Figure it out - process is the same as previous versions, go into the image view, select the cover, click the accept button, refresh images, Not sure why it wasn't working originally.
  13. Hi all, Pre-11.x you can go into the image view of a game and select which image should be the default picture for a particular view - i.e. Box - Front. How do you do that in 11.x - some games have multiple Box - Front artwork and I like to use a particular picture. Thanks.
  14. Yes, the current bezel integration is what we have ... It's quite "fragile". What would be better is if the bezels had dynamically generated configuration files perhaps based on the current rom set or dynamically added by the launcher. Due to the way RetroArch configuration files work, too much can go wrong with the current setup. Also with Launchbox, it would be good if they tracked ROMs based upon checksums rather than just filename, this way, matches would be much better. Sure it works, but it is a house of cards.
  15. Yes, I'm using No-Intro and Redumps. I would say 90% are matched, but the remaining 10% is a PITA. Some systems are worse than others, i.e. Gameboy Handhelds with the 2-in-1 cartridges.
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