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  1. I've brought up the idea there may be a memory leak a number of revisions ago but at the time I was assured it was probably just my system. Even with 16GB of ram LB eventually consumes it all requiring the application to be restarted, this has been the case across two different sets of hardware so far. My solution was to just reboot the machine every few days in the middle of the night.
  2. Currently using rocketlauncher to do all of this and bezels are the main driver for using it. I'll take the imperceivable (to me) performance hit. Since we're basically stuck with 16x9 displays at this point, bezels make use of space that would otherwise go to waste, or if used, cause the games to look distorted. For pause, manuals, save/load slots, media, and like PanteraZombie said, having a button layout would be killer. Not sure how that could be accomplished as far as custom mapping goes, but it would be a game changer for anyone who is unfamiliar with a particular system or with your arcade setup. Save states can be tricky, in rocketlauncher you need to send key presses, often with delays, in a specific order to save to the right slot. Some emulators are easier to set up than others, retroarch happens to be very clunky if you want anything more than 1 slot.
  3. Yes, that view is fine, I see the playlist view as still being valuable. I have playlist, platform category and platform views set to hotkeys. It sounds like if I want console playlists I just need to not use the playlists view.
  4. I think in the play lists view it would make sense to be able to combine all like playlists into a single play list, so the list contains games from multiple platforms, or maybe easier to code would be to have them as children under the platform? I have no idea how much of an undertaking that would be, just throwing the idea out there.
  5. Not sure that it's a bug, but with the final version 9.0 when I created child playlists for my console and handheld systems, using the playlist view in bigbox becomes a bit of a mess. I Assume if I tick the boxes for "In X Subcatagory" for Genres and playmodes that it could tidy it up a bit, however there's still an "All Games" entry for every system that has that child playlist. Basically each system has all of their playlists in the wheel and it's not clear until you stop the wheel what system that catagory is for. I may be missing something easy here, or is this unintended?
  6. Beta 8 seems to have fixed my slow down issues. I installed it this morning and 8 hours later no signs of slowdown. I'll let it run overnight to confirm but so far so good.
  7. I'll give that a shot tomorrow, I assume it's active in beta 8? For now I might as well let it run overnight to rule out the possibility I was experiencing it pre beta as well. So far I haven't seen any noticeable slow down.
  8. Just rolled back to 8.9, will have to let it run overnight to see how things go.
  9. It's a clean install of windows 10 Pro, nothing else running in the background currently. Restarting big box speeds things back up. I do not recall things slowing down anything like this before the beta. Is there an easy way to roll back to the stable release so I can double check?
  10. Here's a video, picked a random game, not a great one, but launching games is slow, but the games themselves play fine. Also to note, after I left that game, the audio from the video continued to loop endlessly until restarting big box. This has happened in the past as well. Tried changing to the default them and the lag was still there. I'll leave the default theme over night after a fresh boot and see if it changes anything.
  11. 40 playlists and I'm working on sending the folder. Only added one playlist other than the auto created lists.
  12. My issue is in big box, and it continues even after attract mode has been running for hours. I assume that should be enough for everything to get cached. Running the latest 9.0 beta 7. My system is fairly fast, haswell i5 with 16gb ddr3 installed on a 1tb Samsung 860 evo
  13. Same here running unified theme with 16GB ram. Gets worse as uptime increases. Didn't notice it pre beta.
  14. Just about to pull the trigger on a 16gb kit, not happy to see it'll just prolong things a bit. Seems like this is an issue with trying to cache everything no matter what. Perhaps attract mode should cycle through only cached systems at some point or at least release some memory over time.
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