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  1. I've tied searching my way out of this to no avail. I'm using MAME .193 and have the complete rom set imported. As those of you who have used the feature, know that the Region prioritization is rather inconsistent between what you select and the rom name. As an example adding a 'u' to the end of the rom name for the North American release. I'm not sure, but I feel this feature is related to the RocketLauncher Fade Screens not being able to display the wheel art of ALL the games I'm loading, even AFTER I've changed the default rom to load in the Additional Apps tab on the Edit Game screen. It seems to work for some but not all. As an example, it shows the wheel art for 2020 Baseball, but not for 3 Count Bout, oddly enough 3countb.zip was the default rom LB chose anyway... I see others have encountered this issue, but it still isn't clear to me how they resolved it. Any help here or pointers on what to look at would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yep. set to Auto Update, cause I live on the wild side. If something goes sideways, I have an Attract Mode build I can fall back to for just the MAME games, the other emulators simply aren't set up in that Front End. Don't feel like it...
  3. @Brandito Make no mistake, it does add a significant amount of time to the uptime of BigBox, but 16GB still runs out of memory. I've been living with it since the original suggestion of 8GB systems having this issue. I have approximately 10,000 games in an Arcade cabinet across various systems that runs 24x7, and I do think it's related to the sheer volume of images/snaps/wheels it cycles through. My workaround fo this is to restart BigBox before people come over so that it doesn't happen while they are there.
  4. I’ve been having this problem ever since I started using BigBox. The recommendation to add more RAM never resolved it, it just delayed it. I’ve just told myself it’s because of the volume of games I have and attract mode just eats it up as it cycles through the games/systems/playlists... sometimes it can be a week, but eventually, memory does run out.
  5. God bless my kids and their friends... They seem to always find new ways to 'break' my arcade cabinet. This morning I went to the basement to see how big a disaster it was after having 15 teenage girls stay the night (Don's ask. I have NO IDEA where they all slept). I noticed the arcade cabinet had a blank screen except to the "PAUSED" text in the lower left from Retroarch but could hear the Attract Mode sound coming from Big Box. Task Manager quickly revealed there were three instances of RetroArch running, which most likely occurred with a player becoming impatient and selecting a game multiple times. I know this happens, as I can reproduce it fairly easily. Is there any way to ensure that once a game is selected, there is a few second delay on the next key press as to avoid this situation?
  6. I’ve been running BGFX with crt-geom as of 0.193 with satisfactory results. I used the guide in this thread to help me get it started and noted the settings I liked while updating live and then making the changes permanent in the mame.ini settings. Upside - I think it looks great adjusted a bit so it doesn’t appear as “round” and the fact you don’t need AS heavy CPU/GPU requirements to run it. Downside - it STILL requires some horsepower!!! As an example, I’m running a GTX 730 due to the single slot requirement because of my SFF form factor, and an intel i7 4th gen, and HLSL will not run 64th Street Detective without sound stutter. With BGFX, it runs perfect and looks great. I use that game as a reference, but neither will run Asteoids Deluxe with the artwork overlay. Any similar observations?
  7. @CriticalCid great work! I love love love this theme! View #4 is my favorite right now!!! I did notice an issue with the Gme Details screen, however. It looks like it’s missing the background somehow and showing the Generic BigBox graphic. Is this intentional?
  8. I had the same issue for TurboGrafx-16, so I just found a clear logo .png from Google Images, and dropped it into the right image folder for the platform. it was super, super easy. I'm really happy to report all my systems work wonderfully, and I'm eagerly awaiting the New Unified Videos from @CriticalCid on the FTP he mentioned. I'm giddy like a schoolgirl.
  9. @CriticalCidFound it! Turns out I had a corrupt zip file. I deleted the directory, and downloaded the complete theme again, and unzipped it into Themes. All is well now. Amazing work! My cabinet even "looks" fun! Thank you for an amazing theme!
  10. That’s not it. I can cycle through the views and the wheel never comes up. Only the default ClearLogo wheel without the spinner. Its almost like the theme isn’t taking effect. Another oobservatio. Is when I used Launchbox to download the new unified platform videos, it put them in the Launchbox Videos folder and not in the theme folder. This is driving me mad...
  11. @CriticalCid I'm using the current beta 9, and downloaded and installed the theme in the right folder. I can even see that wheel art and backgrounds, so I know it's there. The problem I'm having is that the Wheel Art is not showing up when I select the Unified theme from BogBox. In fact, the changes are minimal and I'm trying to track down what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. @Jason Carr I’ve been able to replicate the issue with 2 computers and 3 different video cards. It shows up when spinning through games and I stop on a game that has either a video or screenshot, but no cover flow art. this only happens with the video background option selected and is in the default theme, at least. I haven’t tested this use case with Critical Zone as I don’t care for the wheel implementation.
  13. @Jason Carr This display bug is still present in the current beta. It seems the only hay to make that graphical glitch go away is to exit back to the platform wheel, or restart Big Box.
  14. Wow. This is amazing! Thank you, @Lordmonkus this bgfx thread has made my mame experience SO much better!!!
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