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  1. I only tried to install from the "Updates" folder today after the failed launch after the update. This has been working the entire time until this beta release. My downstairs PC is working fine with the same release
  2. Updated to LB 9.8 BETA 14 and cannot launch application. When trying to launch the application, nothing happens after the Splash/Loading screen. Tried to install from previous updates, but all ROM/ISO information is gone....
  3. Hello All, I recently acquired a couple of new SSDs and am looking to migrate Launchbox, image metadata, emulators and roms to a new drive. I know that the application can be moved without issue, but I was looking for advice on how to quickly update the Emulator/Rom paths within the application. Is it recommended to just start fresh and remap everything? Does anyone have a guide/tutorial if there is a quick way to update the path information?
  4. I have been cleaning up and doing some work on my LaunchBox implementation but I have seen something that I can't quite figure out. Some of my games in PlayStation have a slight blue tint to them. See the image below between Chrono Cross and Crash Bandicoot. Just curious what this means. I thought it may indicate a game with multiple discs, but others that I have combined into one do not look like this.
  5. I have been testing out BigBox more and am signed into EMUmovies to download videos, art, and music for games. However, I am having trouble getting the videos to play in BigBox and audio. I may be missing some simple step, but any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks! I actually just found this after posting and forgot to take down my post. Awesome stuff, love LaunchBox!
  7. Is there a feature in LaunchBox to sort a title by a specific name? Example, currently LaunchBox stores these titles in this sequence: Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII. Ideally, I would have them in the sequence the series goes -There is a feature in Plex that has a 'sort title' to be able to sort them in sequence that the user defines so a series of movies/games can be in the proper order and not just sorted alphabetically
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