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  1. @y2guru and @faeran UPDATE: After downloading all of the metadata, it seems the majority of my library has been fixed with that issue I showed before. HOWEVER, I still would love a response about that song or music in general in the platform lobby area that I asked about before. (the music from the youtube video of the trailer of this theme pack). THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  2. @sundogak I'm sorry, but could you tell me where I'm able to locate the ability to turn off Startup Screen, Pause Screen, the default AHK scripts items? I don't know where to go for that.. Attached is the test game I've been using.
  3. @neil9000 Thank you for the response! I am currently using SCPH-5501. I also have SCPH1001, but RA was having trouble starting without 5501, so I just put that in place. Again through RA, I can run games fine, the specific problem is that I cannot launch games starting from Launchbox into RA. When taking the exact same ROM file, I can play it if I directly open it in RA, but if I use the same ROM file and try to open it in Launchbox, RA just sits at a black screen indefinitely.
  4. @sundogak Thanks for the response! Here are my two snaps! And currently, I am only using RA for PS1. It is not being applied to other platforms.
  5. @y2guru Thanks for the fast response! So I refreshed all images and that did not work. For now I am just re-downloading all metadata and wiki info for my entire library, hoping that this may help the issue. After this completes I'll update you on the situation. FOR THE DREAMCAST GAME: the name of that game in the Snipped image that is missing art is called "Musapey No Choco Marker". (please see attached XML file for Dreamcast as requested) Sega Dreamcast.xml
  6. Hi @faeran and @y2guru, I absolutely love the theme! it has such great potential!! For some reason, like @CrYoGeNiC stated, I too am finding the majority of my games to have large grey backgrounds with the Launchbox logo inside of them. I downloaded the theme through the Big Box "Manage Themes" area. I have not touched or altered any of the files that came with it. Please help! It's quite discouraging to go through your library and see really beautiful game art paired with video and then have large chunky grey blocks covering other game art! Love the idea, Love the aesthetic!
  7. @sundogak ah I understand what he meant now. I have taken those same steps, I however did not have the "Don't Use Quotes" option selected in the first place, so it did not cause me any issues. I have since checked the associated platform and made sure the spelling was precisely what my listed console "Sony Playstation" was under (slight difference in your image due to my "S" in "Station" was not capitalized). They matched the entire time. So both of these options do not apply to me which is a bit unfortunate. Again, my issue is that when attempting to launch a game throu
  8. unfortunately I can't undesrtand what Jeff was trying to say... so no it didn't help.
  9. Hijacking this post, I am having the same issue, Jeffz1987 was having. I am able to load my PS1 roms directly from the retroarch emulator, but when I attempt to load the same rom from launchbox, I get a black screen and nothing happens. Please help!
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