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  1. Would it be possible to use the mini themes for playlists? I have playlists for all the mini consoles and would like to use them there only.
  2. Options>Debugging, tick the box and it will create a log in your Launchbox/logs folder each time you start up.
  3. Best to upload your debug log so the developers can look at it.
  4. Yeah, i just renewed my licence and updated. My point is if you want themes in BB you have to have then in LB too, which wasnt the case before? (unless im mis-remembering). Either way BB needs its own video priorities.
  5. What's happening with video priorities, 11.1 favoured snaps for LB and themes for BB, 11.8 seems you can only choose one or the other for both?
  6. Are you using a firewall/antivirus? i had this issue with Comodo Internet Security.
  7. I had the same issue since i think version 10.x, i thought it was something i'd done myself as it started happening after i was messing with the xml to change fonts.
  8. I've been trying to make a playlist with contains genre 'Platform' but not 'Platform / Shooter Scrolling', but this doesnt seem possible without a 'does not contain'.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    I could'nt find one of these anywhere so......... Logo shrinks, console drops in.
  10. Sega Mega Drive Japan Platform Theme Video View File I could'nt find one of these anywhere so......... Logo shrinks, console drops in. Submitter Rlad Submitted 09/15/2020 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  11. Can i get that Jap Megadrive theme video, i can't find one anywhere.
  12. Yeah, i can't work that out either.
  13. Are you saying you have to center for every video? If you click that lock next to Display Capture it should stay centered.
  14. You can set the video output to a 4:3 ratio in settings
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