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  1. I've been trying to make a playlist with contains genre 'Platform' but not 'Platform / Shooter Scrolling', but this doesnt seem possible without a 'does not contain'.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I could'nt find one of these anywhere so......... Logo shrinks, console drops in.
  3. Sega Mega Drive Japan Platform Theme Video View File I could'nt find one of these anywhere so......... Logo shrinks, console drops in. Submitter Rlad Submitted 09/15/2020 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  4. Can i get that Jap Megadrive theme video, i can't find one anywhere.
  5. Yeah, i can't work that out either.
  6. Are you saying you have to center for every video? If you click that lock next to Display Capture it should stay centered.
  7. You can set the video output to a 4:3 ratio in settings
  8. I got that video error changing from recording to video snap, only happened once from around 10 or so videos, and it deleted the video.
  9. No more sifting through tons of shit tier youtube gameplay videos that IGN spammed ten years ago. 👍
  10. Right ok, i'll try removing those ps2 games see if it makes any difference.
  11. Launchbox and games are on my D drive (SSHD) with about 20 PS2 games on E (HDD). Untitled.mp4
  12. So im still getting stuck at 'populating games' on first boot, i can hear the HDD kick in after the pause. Also every time is use 'Download Metadata and Media' i have a complete lock up at 'Finishing Up' Debug 2020-05-18 08-48-38 PM.log Debug 2020-05-18 08-58-46 PM.log
  13. I'm trying to replicate it and its not happening now lol, nevermind i'll get back to you if it happens again.
  14. Im already on the betas.
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