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  1. There's a neocd_libretro core.
  2. Sure, but there's no way to stop that. I wouldn't be against some 'Super Moderators' or being able to lock things down, but the current system some things just seem to go around in circles. I put MVS in my post.
  3. Neo Geo MVS needs removing as a platform, only a handful of games are under it and they're all under Arcade anyway.
  4. Existing titles list looks like this in Firefox Android.
  5. For me (and you by the sound of it) the logical way it would work, at least when using a hotkey is returning to wherever you entered from, i don't know if that's possible but that's not how it's set up.
  6. I hope so as it came with my store purchased PS3. 😁
  7. I just checked mine with DSHidMini and all axis work. There are different versions according to this https://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/DualShock_3 Cant remember if updating through PS3 was a thing or not.
  8. @C-Beats I've got everything but SNES after doing that.
  9. TMDB does have tv shows, I use it for both now in kodi.
  10. I don't have any freezes but it's a coin toss whether the video decides to play or not.
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