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  1. I've downloaded the .201 Rom set and everything I've tried works perfectly. Thanks for all the help. Eric
  2. Hi neil9000. I'm not sure where I got my roms from, I've downloaded a couple of sets over the years and don't really know what I'm doing so they could be a pile of mince. I've deleted them and started a download from arcadepunks. I have mame 0.202 and I'm downloading Rom set 0.201. Are the suitable for each other?
  3. Hi neil9000, I think I may have a couple of issues. I'm in work so I can't test things just now but last night I couldn't get LB to load at all and ran the updater to get it running on the latest version. I'm pretty sure the rom path was ok before the update as some of the games were working, only vertical ones would crash.Would I need to set the ROM path up again after an update? I'll have a look tonight when I'm home and try and just set up the emulator in LB again. When I test the games in mame I am just using the mame UI. Thanks for the help. Eric
  4. Hi, Lordmonkus. Yes it is in the mame folder, that was one of the first things I found while searching for the solution. Thanks.
  5. I can run it from mame outside of launchbox, do I need to get other files to run Vertical games in LB? I've just tried a couple of other games, Ghost 'n Goblins and Ghouls 'n ghosts and they both do the same thing. I've never tried them before.
  6. I can't seem to find anything on the internet to solve this. Here is a screen shot I managed to grab of the console as it popped up for 2 seconds.
  7. Hi Joe, that is correct. They both work outside of LB and only vertical games crash when trying to load through LB.
  8. Hi, I have just downloaded Launch box and set up mame using the tutorial I found in the forums. I have set up mame outside of launch box and I can use it to run games. When I run Launchbox and try to start a vertical game it just says Initializing, some times looks like its loading (a percentage counts upwards) then just switches back to Launchbox. I have checked my rom location is the same in both mame and Launchbox, I have uninstalled Launchbox abd reinstalled it and checked my ini file is in the mame folder not the ini folder. Can anyone think what is causing this? I was hopping Launchbox would be easier to set up than Hyperspin because I couldn't get that to work either I have tried different games and different manufacturers, and no Vertical games will start. All the other ones I have tried (5 from different manufacturers) all start but are extremely slow and laggy. Thanks for any help Eric
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