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  1. Hello@Jason Carr Edited some lines Language ru-Ru (11.0-beta-5).zip
  2. Hi Jason! I updated the translation files😉 Language ru-Ru (11.0-beta-4).zip
  3. Hello Jason! New files are ready... Language ru-Ru (11.0-beta-3).zip
  4. Jason, Hello! Ru files are ready... Language ru-Ru (10.15-beta-10).zip
  5. Hello Jason! Russian translation files are ready... Language ru-Ru (10.15-beta-5).zip
  6. Hello everyone! Finally I got to the PC... Language ru-Ru (10.12-beta-14).zip
  7. Hi Jason! All is ready... Language ru-Ru (10.11-beta-7).zip
  8. Hello Jason! Files for beta 5 are ready... Language ru-Ru (10.11-beta-5).zip
  9. Обновленные файлы готовы, Джейсон😉 Language ru-Ru (10.11-beta-4).zip
  10. New translation is ready... Language ru-Ru (10.11-beta-3).zip
  11. Everything is ready for 10.10 Language ru-Ru (10.10-beta-3).zip
  12. Hi Jason! Updated files with small fixes Language ru-Ru (10.9).zip
  13. That would be good, Claudio
  14. Hello Jason! Russian files uploaded I'm probably late? Language ru-Ru (10.8-beta-6).zip
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