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  1. Hello Jason. New (few minor corrections in grammar) translation is ready. Language ru-Ru (9.7).zip Kind Regards, Aleksey
  2. ...and this credit is very important to me, I translated it too😉 Thank you all for your concern!!!👍 Aleksey
  3. Hello Jason! Updated files are ready. Kind Regards, Aleksey Language ru-Ru (LB 9.6 Final).zip
  4. Hello Jason, I'll check on my day off. Thank you very much! Aleksey
  5. Hi Jason! As promised I post the updated translation files into Russian. A lot of changes!!! I also have a few requests: 1. Tools>Options>General>Language change "русский" to "Русский" 2. Is it possible to increase width of the button "Add" on the main screen by 2-3 pix Kind Regards! Aleksey Language-ru-RU (9.6beta4).zip
  6. Hi Jason! Mistakes a lot, I will correct. But... thank you - nice to see native language! I will try to upload the corrected files in three days - now at work!
  7. Jason, thanks for the info. I'll wait for the next beta.
  8. Hello Jason! It's very good that you didn't have time to add a Russian Translation to a new 9.6 beta1. I corrected some lines in the previous version. Updated version in attachment..... Kind Regards, Aleksey Language-ru-RU.zip
  9. Hello! I'm so sorry, I was so late with the translation into Russian - my PC's broke down and then I decided to upgrade it, completely🤑 It took longer than I expected But I still finished.....😄 Thanks for waiting. Aleksey
  10. OK, I can start tomorrow:) Do you'll send files on email or I must download Language_ru_RU.zip from first post?
  11. I can do it in my free time....If you do not mind?
  12. Hello everybody! I'm have a question...Does anyone translate into Russian???
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