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  1. Everything is ready for 10.10 Language ru-Ru (10.10-beta-3).zip
  2. Hi Jason! Updated files with small fixes Language ru-Ru (10.9).zip
  3. That would be good, Claudio
  4. Hello Jason! Russian files uploaded I'm probably late? Language ru-Ru (10.8-beta-6).zip
  5. Hello Jason! New files - corrected some lines Language ru-Ru (10.7 final).zip
  6. Claudio, congratulations!!! Jason, waiting for the link to the video...
  7. Jason, new files are ready! Language ru-Ru (10.7-beta-4).zip
  8. That would be very good, thanks Jason!
  9. I will upload on monday, I can't before...
  10. Hello Jason! I'm a little late... Language ru-Ru (10.5).zip
  11. Updated files are here... Language ru-Ru (10.2-beta-4).zip
  12. Hi Jason! New translated files are ready... Language ru-Ru (10.2-beta-1).zip
  13. 10.1 translation files Language ru-Ru (10.1).zip
  14. Translation is done! Waiting for Release LB10......🤗 Language ru-Ru (10.0-beta-4).zip
  15. Hello everybody!!! I was on vacation😎 but I'm back. Language ru-Ru (10.0-beta-3).zip
  16. Russian translation Language ru-Ru (9.10-beta-5).zip
  17. Updated files ... Language ru-Ru (9.10-beta-3).zip
  18. New files are ready! Language ru-Ru (9.10-beta-1).zip
  19. Hi Jason! Maybe you correct the information about me in the first post?😉
  20. Oh, I'm probably late....😭 Language ru-Ru (9.8 FINAL aka Beta 18).rar
  21. Hi Jason! I post only those files that have been translated. I hope you don't mind! Language ru-Ru (9.8-beta-15).zip
  22. Hello Jason! New translation files are ready. Best Regards, Aleksey Language ru-Ru (9.8-beta-6).zip
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