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  1. Hello, I don't know where to make this query. I happen to have a computer with a 2 Tb hard drive. I have downloaded all sorts of media files for each game and I have an account in EmuMovies, but the problem I see is that I do select, "YES, UPDATE ALL EXISTING FILES, PRIORIZING THAT THEY ARE EMUMOVIES" begins the system to download, but to be 15,000 games, I have estimated that the process takes about 400 games per hour, which is a barbarity of time on. There is no option to do this update in parts so as not to spend 40 hours downloading content, if for example you spend 5 hours, the next time continue where you left off. In the end the idea is to have the Launchbox platform with the most PRO visual style updated with EmuMovies, which I understand is better. Thank you for your help
  2. Thanks for the answer. In the end what I've decided is to erase Launchbox from the solid disk and that solid disk only for current games like Fornite for example. And on the hard drive I downloaded and installed Launchbox and re-downloaded all the Media part so that there are no surprises and everything works well from the beginning.
  3. Hello I bought a PC GAMING and I'm building a complete arcade arcade machine with LaunchBox Premium and I have Emumovies subscription. The thing is that I have a 250 Gb solid disk and a 2 TB hard disk. I'm downloading ALL the multimedia files of each game but as I have installed Launchbox on the solid disk, all the multimedia files are also there and I see that the space I have left is going to be consumed at the rate that goes. There is no way to indicate that the multimedia files are downloaded to another folder on the 2TB hard drive so that it detects the multimedia files in 2 directories or move the multimedia files to the other hard drive and read it from there? My idea was to have the solid with the base of Launchbox and the other hard drive only for games but I see that multimedia files are occupying much more than I expected ...
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