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  1. Hi I know this is an old post, but it is related to the previous users usage of Windows Apps, I have a Arcade Cabinet, and cannot seem to figure out a way to close the Windows Apps (Netflix, Plex, Pandora...) with my Esc key. I know a ahk will work but not sure how to implement it as there is no Emulator assigned to the Platform. Here is my ahk, I also tried to compile the ahk to a .exe and put it in my game under additional apps and run it after my main program, but that didnt work either, thanks for you help ; This section closes Media Apps when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Send !{F4} }
  2. Oh, thank you so much for the reply. I should have tried the default theme before posting. I had kind of assumed that all the launchbox themes would supported background images. I will read the notes more closely in the future. Thanks Again
  3. Hi Newbie here, Having a problem showing backgrounds in Launchbox, I have premier license. All I seem to get is the default background, thanks
  4. I got it working, thank you. I did not set the path to my music collection. Now to add your bezel, I do not have rocketlauncher so no sure how to add the bezel in big box yet.
  5. Thanks Jay, I will try another download. I think I will try it first on another windows 10 machine I have. I wasnt sure if this was running on a windows 10 plateform.
  6. I know this thread is a little old but, has anyone tried to install the RetroJukeBox ver 1.8 on a Windows 10 platform? I cannot seem to open the application, it gets stuck on the Configuration screen. I have already tried to install it via Run as Administrator and with various Compatibility types of OS.
  7. Would love to see this implemented
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