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  1. As far as I know, the Phoenix emulator doesn't have a way to launch directly into fullscreen mode. Doesn't seem to be any commandline options for that. This launcher app I made uses Phoenix's keyboard shortcut to go fullscreen as soon as it's launched. Works pretty good.
  2. Sorry.. had some new priorities come up. Still plan on working on this when I get a chance.
  3. Thanks. From just looking at it, the program should determine the platform easily since the path contains both the word "Jaguar" and the extension ".J64". So I may have to dig a little deeper into it to find where the undeclared variable is. I'll try to come up with a fix soon.
  4. Hmm.. ok. If you don't mind, what's the full path & name of your rom that you're launching? I'll see if I can figure out what's going on with it. It's strange to me that it's giving a "Variable used without being declared" error. You'd think it'd pick that up when the program is being compiled, but so far, they've all compiled cleanly.
  5. I think that error means the Rom_Launcher can't determine the platform for the rom being launched. Is this the original Rom_Launcher from the first post that you are using? That one used key words in the rom's path to determine which platform it was for. The versions I created on the 2nd page of this post also used the rom's file extension to determine the platform. They haven't been fully tested so I haven't updated the original post with the newer version yet, but I think they should work better.
  6. I finally got around to adding this feature. It compiled cleanly, but I haven't tested it out yet. The route I went was to just add an entry to the launcher's ini file. You'll see it listed as "AHK_script=". Not sure if it'll work with just the name (if in the same directory) or if you'll need to supply the full path in quotes. So basically, after launching Phoenix, the launcher will run the AutoKey() function if it's been enabled. If it's disabled and there is a value in the script's path variable, then it will launch that script. Also, this assumes AHK is installed and a
  7. Hmm... is your idea to integrate the features of your AHK script into the rom launcher or is it to use your AHK script on the launcher & Phoenix? Your AHK script could probably be launched through LB alongside the launcher (disable the AutoKey feature) and modified to kill both the launcher & Phoenix on confirmation of exit. Have you tried that yet? Trying to incorporate the features of your AHK script into the rom launcher would involve figuring out controller input in AutoIt. It seems there are some rudimentary examples of controller input with AutoIt, but that'd take som
  8. So, I looked into it some last night. I couldn't strictly use the rom's file extension because Phoenix accepts some common extensions (".bin", ".binar", ".rom") for multiple platforms. but all the rest of the extensions for various rom files I can use as a filter to determine the platform. I combined that with my previous way of filtering for common system names. So, I think that solution will work a majority of the time (though I haven't had a chance to test it yet). Here's a quick updated version I cooked up last night - if you want to give it a test drive. I'll look into the
  9. Ah... that's good to know. I didn't realize that's how LaunchBox handled compressed roms. I think I did it the way I did because that was the easiest way to determine which platform the game was being launched for. I need to know the platform since the xml nodes are in different node paths between platforms. I guess a more fool-proof way would be to compare the game's file extension with lists of extensions for each platform. I'll look into implementing that and updating the script. I need to update the script here anyways (got another version that works with ColecoVision roms now)
  10. It's not necessary. That's just a feature I added to the program to easily kill the Phoenix emulator with the Esc key. I believe me & some other people had problems getting the AutoHotKey feature in LB to work with Phoenix, so I just put my own version of it into this program as a convenience.
  11. One thing you'll have to do after you import the new games into Phoenix... you'll need to delete the old "_Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml" file. The way I wrote the script, it won't overwrite it's backup file, so you'll have to do that manually before making a new backup (otherwise, the backup utility will only keep giving you the "Restore" option).
  12. Yes, it'll work like that. Only thing is if you ever do a restore from that backup file, you'll have to setup the bios-es again. You could always just copy over the bio settings for those systems from the config xml to the backup xml. Not that big of a deal, though. Glad you got it working.
  13. Not sure I completely understand the situation you describe... You have three Phoenix emulator folders and you would prefer to have one. To do that, go ahead and get your single Phoenix emulator folder ready - just make sure it still has that "full" _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml file to go along with the Rom_Launcher. Then in LaunchBox, under Tools... Manage Emulators. Then pick the one you want to keep and associate it with the 3 different systems (remember you'll actually be selecting the _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe file as the actual emulator exe). Then go ahead and remove the other
  14. I have to exempt the exe in my antivirus (BitDefender), but other than that, I have no problem launching it through LaunchBox. I've finally tested it with ColecoVision games added to my LB library, and it all seems to work the same as the previous version. First off, you can try launching it from the command prompt and add the path to the game rom as the argument. That'll let us know that the program starts Phoenix and changes the config file as it should. Like on my setup, I typed.. L:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Phoenix [3DO, Jaguar]\Phoenix v2.8.JAG\_Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe "L:\Laun
  15. Ah.. if everything is already loaded into the backup file, then go ahead and drop in the new exe file. It should just work.
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