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  1. Yeah, i am having an issue with that with the Ps1. I have the Beatle PSX on the retroarc, but there is no dropdown option for it.
  2. Thanks! That worked great Was looking for a add platfrom buttton or something. Thanks!
  3. How do I add dreamcast to the associated platforms? (Right now it shows all Sega consoles under retroarch, but not Dreamcast)
  4. I got dreamcast core working and playing games in Retroarch, but I can't link it in Launchbox. Dreamcast is not an assoicated platform when you go to edit the core. How can I fix this?
  5. HI, I just got Big Box. It's great, but right now my old xbox 360 controllers are making it very hard to use. Basically, the sticks are worn and the menus will scroll by themselves, ect. Is there a way to either A. Adjust Deadzone on analog sticks or B. Disable analog sticks for scrolling through games, only use the D-pad Any help would be great. Right now big box is kind of a pain with a controller, becuase even if i do scroll with the d-pad, the analog sticks go off my themselves, and it is very annoying.
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