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  1. Cool, thanks I made an account but it won't let me comment or vote
  2. HI, I'm currently using Colorful (awesome theme by the way). One issue I have is that when you are in the platform screen and you want to go to a new platform, accidently hitting b takes you to the options menu. (the way this one is set up it seem like you should push b to change consoles, but you only need to hit up or down) Long story short, is there a way to make it where hitting b (on controller) before selecting a platform won't open options? Could I change this to a different key bind or button press? There have been many times when going through Bigbox I accidently open the option
  3. Hi, I've searched through the forums and haven't really found a clear answer on the requirements for Big Box. Building a NUC emulator SNES and Down. Basically Im not asking about emulator smoothness or anything, but just assuming you have about 2k games on BigBox, all with images and videos running on the default theme. Is there a min recommendations for this? Right now running fine with 4GB of DDR3 and wondering if i will see any uplift in snappyness from using 8GB. Wasn't sure if the frontend will use more than 3 or so GB of ram to run, or if I put in 8gb if it will utilize that extra ram at
  4. Hi, Im building a mini itx HTPC case for my Big Box build. I had the idea to add LEDs on the front of the case to show the number of controllers connected (Like the XBOX 360 for example). Does anyone know if this could be achieved or worked on something like it? I am using 4 xbox360 wireless controllers currently. So far I am going to dissasemble the usb dongle and mount the pairing button on the front, but its looking harder for LEDs, I dont know if there is some check I could run through launchbox or retroarch to check for # of controllers connected and send that to a board. Also loo
  5. Awesome theme, my favorite! Is there any way to delay the animation when selecting a platform? To sit on the wheel a bit longer, or maybe add a second button press? I love it but when i hand it to people to use they always hit 'b' to change platforms instead of up and down. Thanks again!
  6. HI, got my Big Box set up and love it. I don't know where to report this, but if you change themes in bigbox using the new interface, the computer will REALLY start chugging. Not that you are doing it too fast, just if you change it several times in the same session it lags so hard it begins to stop responding. Not sure if this is just me, but it happens consistantly. I assume it is a memory leak. (Could be something else been forever since I coded). If you exit, and give it a few min, it will come back fine. I assume this is also only with Big Box, becuase it happens when I don't open an
  7. Yeah, i am having an issue with that with the Ps1. I have the Beatle PSX on the retroarc, but there is no dropdown option for it.
  8. Thanks! That worked great Was looking for a add platfrom buttton or something. Thanks!
  9. How do I add dreamcast to the associated platforms? (Right now it shows all Sega consoles under retroarch, but not Dreamcast)
  10. I got dreamcast core working and playing games in Retroarch, but I can't link it in Launchbox. Dreamcast is not an assoicated platform when you go to edit the core. How can I fix this?
  11. HI, I just got Big Box. It's great, but right now my old xbox 360 controllers are making it very hard to use. Basically, the sticks are worn and the menus will scroll by themselves, ect. Is there a way to either A. Adjust Deadzone on analog sticks or B. Disable analog sticks for scrolling through games, only use the D-pad Any help would be great. Right now big box is kind of a pain with a controller, becuase even if i do scroll with the d-pad, the analog sticks go off my themselves, and it is very annoying.
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