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  1. Have you figured out how to load the iso from launchbox and skip past the "load cd" startup? Ive been trying command lines and cant find one that works other than fullscreen and escape lol.
  2. Need help launching 4DO roms from launchbox. Everything works outside of Launchbox but I cannot find a command line that will work for 4DO like the one that works for llibretro "cores\4do.dll" I am not using retroarch so obviously the command path would be different. If anyone has experience without retroarch please let me know. Seems to do this for 3DO, dreamcast and Naomi. When I go to load the game thru launchbox, it always brings me to the "Load CD" prompt at the emulator screen. Then I have to load the iso from the File tab. Thanks
  3. My appologies. The systems have the BIOS loaded and pointed at properly and work properly outside of Launchbox as they should. Im just attempting to open the Emulators and ISOs in one movement in Launchbox without just entering the Load screen...then mouse clicking the game from the "File open Iso" I Started with FreeDo Emulator but that also has the 2 step iso load that i cannot figure out in Launchbox. Game Cube, Wii, Sega Cd, 32X etc dont have this issue....Only 3do, dreamcast and neo geo cd. Im not running retroarch. Just Emulators from an external SSD
  4. Ive just loaded 3do emulator and dreamcast, using 4do and nulldc. I found the startup command for both, but both seem to always load to the "insert cd" startup of the emulators. I have been through the learning curves of Dahpne but this one kinda has me stumped. Does anyone have the path to take or maybe an AHK that can load the iso for these? For 4DO, i have entered the command prompt -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFIle and then added my "Path to roms" and I cannot get anything to load. Ive read this thread and even moved the space...eliminated the space (no luck) I have even given the path to the specific iso in the command "C:/user/me/desktop/4do/thisiso"....to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
  5. http://www.daphne-emu.com/site3/index_low.php
  6. The original batch file works for everygame ....but dragons lair 2. I tried to change the location file from framefile.txt to just .txt and will not run. This way actually worked the best unless theres a different batch file that looks for "both .txt and framefile.txt " files in the vldp_dl folder.
  7. I actually ended up making a second emulator called Daphne 2 and attached it to the Daphne platform, made a different .bat file, and set the path with this one just to dragons lair2 framefile and added it to daphne folder. The original .bat file I had only specifies .txt where DL2 uses the prefix framefile.txt. It actually works just the same only using a separate emulator (still using the same Daphneloader) with a different path. All games still play with 2 bat files inside Daphne. original batch file: Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "C:\Users\B\LaunchBox\Emulators\Daphne\vldp_dl\%1\%1.txt" Modified batch file: daphne.exe lair2 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile C:\Users\B\LaunchBox\Emulators\Daphne\vldp_dl\lair2\dl2-framefile.txt
  8. daphne_log thru launchbox.txt Daphne log correct runtime of DL2.txt
  9. I have setup Daphne loader by adding it the the emulator file inside launchbox folder and successfully have DL1 and space ace working properly. Has anyone ran into a problem with Dragons Lair 2? I have added the exact files and vldps but DL2 seems to have a different file format inside the vldp using "framefile". When I try to load I get the error message (see attached) These were all obtained from the DVDs and loaded properly in Daphne and working before transferring to Launchbox. Running DaphneLoader v1.0-2.2.11. I appreciate any help. Dragons Lair: Emulators\Daphne\vldp_dl\lair\lair.txt Dragons Lair 2: Emulators\Daphne\vldp_dl\lair2\dl2-framefile.txt Space Ace: Emulators\Daphne\vldp_dl\ace\ace.txt
  10. Well hopefully you may be able to share with me the AHK for opening SnesGt in fullscreen. Ive entered -f or -fullscreen in the LB default emulator command line and it works....but it takes almost 10-15 seconds to change from windowed screen to full. Is there any other way to make it flow a little more seamlessly? Thanks again for your guys' help.
  11. Sah-weeeet! Thanks again Retro808. Well done sir.....well done!!
  12. Does anyone have a hotkey script for exiting Jnes with keyboard esc in LB/BB? or a command line that can be used in the emulator setup?. Currently Jnes only minimizes the emulator with esc instead of closing. I cannot change the key commands within the emulator itself. Or maybe theres a better emulator for nes to be used in LB/BB?.......other than retroarch? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Is there a way to exit Jnes while running in LB/BB with just the keyboard esc button? I cannot configure the esc button because its already configured (no option to change I know of) to minimize the screen. I ran into this with Fusion but theres a txt document stating additional commands in LB/BB setup that worked. I fortunately have patience DOS76.
  14. Worked like a charm. My bad, I was in the wrong screen. Finally getting closer to having my arcade working as it should. Any help with closing Jnes, Fusion.364, Snes Gt? I tried to add -exit to the emulator like pinball but they get pissed off and wont even load. I have been manually closing these because I couldn't figure out how to exit back to LB/BB. Either way I'm extremely thankful for helping me figure out the pinball deal. Thanks again
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