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  1. Yeah that video was great. Just few check boxes to handle in settings for LaunchBox and it should launch it properly if you get all the required files. Mainly the machine/bios files and the proper CHD files.
  2. Ok Solved it..... I deleted my entire 4DO folder and started over from scratch. I guess the only thing I can guess that happened was that a settings file may have gotten corrupt or a setting was used that interfered with LaunchBox that is now off/disabled. Not sure. But full redo fixed the issue.
  3. OK so it was working before, but the issues I am having now is I can't launch a game with 4DO through launchbox.... it just brings up the emulator in windowed mode and that's it. As for the emulator, I can't get it to go to full screen. Even with F4. Attached is a pic of the untouched parameters in Launchbox. Let me know if it has changed over the years or if I am just missing something.
  4. Ok found the issue. When downloading from the launchbox database "Box-back" it errors. it is only those files. if you uncheck them, the rest download just fine.
  5. I just tried adding a Nintendo game and had no issues. So this might just be the PSP game I was doing "Tactics ogre: Let us Cling Together". When searched in LB, it does show up twice and both give same error.
  6. This message started showing up out of now where and now happens every time I search for media, "Could not download file: an exception occurred during a webclient request". I double checked and my emu movies account/connection is good. But when I click ok, then once its done searching/downloading I get this message when I hit ok for adding a game "an error occured while copying or moving images: could not find file (whatever.jpg)" from temp meta data Any ideas?
  7. I am searching for a square/4:3 monitor that would fit my arcade cabinet. Which is about 25"x25". I am guessing around a 24" monitor/tv would fit. An company or site, monitor or TV, hell I would even consider a CRT! Thanks in advance!!
  8. One thing to try is completely delete any older demul folder you may have from your user files. Then just run the latest version and let it write brand new settings files.
  9. Sorry... I had no issues. Worked the same for me as my last version. Using xbox one controller.
  10. 5thWolf

    CD-i emulation

    I just ran into one game I wanted that requires that DVC.... and with my research, I did not find a way to utilize it on any emulator. So I think games that require it may not be playable currently. Hopefully we can discover it soon.
  11. Cool didn't even notice this one. I am going to try this one then!. Does it run well through Launchbox straight to a game?
  12. if it does work for you going to the older version, I am going to avoid updating so I don't loose my controllers
  13. Hmmm.... unless this new one lost its controller support/compatability. Did you try the version I posted?
  14. I should have mentioned, I need one that is portable. I know alot of times you can install it on your C:, then move it to your portable drive. Uninstall the original and it works fine from new drive. But preferably one that just folder drop and it run portable.
  15. So, I am interested in making an Android section, so I ask, any one already messing around with Android emulators and recommend a great one? Thus far I have found these few but haven't played with any: ANDY Droid4X NOX
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