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  1. Neil9000 - that was it. If I let Launchbox copy or move the Roms - it won't work. If i leave them in the mame folder - it launches correctly
  2. Hello - I'm hopeful someone can help me because I'm stumped and really want to get this working! I'm hopeful someone can help with a compatibility issue with Mame and Launchbox. I can launch different versions of Mame successfully (Mame .162 and the one Launchbox recommends Mame .022b) with Roms working without Launchbox. However when I use Launchbox I get a flash of the console window and then nothing. I did have Launchbox work successfully with Mame last year, but I ran into this issue after an update. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of which version started the error. I've also completely uninstalled Launchbox and Mame, and started over with the same result. This time around I've disabled most of the features one at a time (Startup videos, Pausing, hiding console window, etc.) with the same results I'm running Win7, and Launchbox 10.14 Other emulators are working fine - but I primarily use the cabinet for arcade games. If there's other information I can provide that can help - please let me know. At this point i'm about ready to give up on this.. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks !
  3. I sent a message via "Contact Us" but is there a chance I could get a refund if this problem isn't solvable?
  4. Hi there! I've been struggling a bit with Bigbox and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I've cobbled together an Arcade machine using Windows 7 and an xarcade kit (similar to a tankstick) . My goal is to run Bigbox without a mouse and keyboard - just using the arcade buttons and joystick. I've struggled a bit with exiting each emulator - but I've had success by using an AHK script found in the support forums (pasted below.) It closes the game fine, but when I do - bigbox is not in the foreground of Windows (instead I need to click on it once with a mouse. My goal is to not use a mouse - but I'm not sure if this is a Bigbox, my use of the ahk script, or something I need to fix inside of windows. Any ideas would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance! ~4 & 2:: Duration=0 Loop { Duration ++ If !GetKeyState("4","P") || !GetKeyState("2","P") Break If Duration > 2 { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} break } Sleep, 1000 } return
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