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  1. I've been using Phils Doodle Theme which is really cool. When you are navigating on the platforms section it switches between this really nice custom comic style pictures. At the bottom it displays the name of the platform in actual text. While switching between the platforms the image which takes up the entire screen loads instantly, but the overlay text at the bottom appears to switch about 1-2 seconds later. This seems really odd. Obviously it's harder to load the image up to the screen and this is occurring instantly. The text at the bottom must be set to delay. My computer is very nice. I'm certain it's not a memory issue or performance issue. Where are the settings that control this delay?
    Really great work - Any plans to add - Game and Watch, Nintendo Satellaview?
  2. Tyrant

    Mame CHD's

    LOL I just accidentally reported the above post. It's early and I thought I was clicking reply. Yikes. Sorry. Edit - To anyone wondering how this is possible. I'm a new father and haven't had much sleep lately.
  3. Tyrant

    Mame CHD's

    Been trying to learn up on all this. I'm currently extracting the 60gb rom set so I can setup Retroarch mame core. Let me see if I get this correctly. This 60gb rom set is going to contain all the arcade games, but many of them will not work because they require a CHD file (which is in the larger 350gb download?). Is the list several comments up the list of games that will require a CHD file? What is the total size of a complete set where all the CHD files are present for only the games needing them? Will retroarch Mame use the CHD files the same way by placing them in a named folder next to the rom? Basically I'm wanting to have the complete set with as many working Arcade games as possible. I don't care about hard drive space but if a game doesn't need a CHD file to run why would there be one? This is confusing to me. Edit - Another source of confusion for me is that I bought a raspberry pi device that was supposed to be complete but when I look over the arcade roms folder on the hard drive I see it is only about 8 gb. These arcade games mostly did not work when I play through retroarch so that's what led me to downloading this 60gb version. When I look at the zip file for each rom I see a list of smaller files but no CHD files.
  4. Some games in my Arcade collection appear to freeze on the mostly black screen with a small grey rectangular loading bar. This hangs for a moment until my screen overlays with white and it crashes retroarch. I just fresh installed launchbox and retroarch. I updated the Mame (no year) core and it's setup as an emulator as some games do work (I tried 1942 it runs and I can control the plane). I'm trying X-Men 4 player arcade game and it's giving me the crash screen described above.
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