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  1. here: https://github.com/lipebello/retrorama-overlay-pack
  2. Yeah, i've changed from Selected to Active because Selected can drag the performance when you're switching between platforms. For me it didn't affect at all, but i don't have many systems on my launchbox.
  3. Sure thing, i just started to learn about how to make themes for LB and don't know all the things that can be done.
  4. it returns the platform name. So, if i'm on Arcade platform, it will return Arcade.jpg and show the image as background.
  5. Thanks @Kevin_Flynn. What scroll you're referring? i'm pretty noob on LB and still learning what things i can make to make the theme looks better.
  6. @Jason Carr, these lines will work only on the beta version, or can i add them to the ThemeSettings.xml ? Thanks a lot ! i'm really loving LaunchBox!
  7. Hahaha, crap! i've upload the file again. forgot to add the font on the font folder.
  8. New update. I've also include the comic book font on the theme file.
  9. Yup, i need to include it on the theme download file. But you can download it here: https://www.dafont.com/pt/comic-book.font
  10. I like the star ratings, but the community ratings, because when i found some game that i didn't play yet, i like to see how much stars people gave to it. /i'm all hyped for this feature to be on the stable version!
  11. Finished Music and Options. Now i'm adding more systems to upload a new version.
  12. @wallmachine, you mean these? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3jp1HiPnkS-U3VhZVJSRDBzZFU i think that they're too simple to use as a bezel. But i made they in vector format, it can be scaled. Feel free to use it.
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