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  1. Here is one for Police Trainer 2 Police Trainer 2.mp4
  2. Thanks for all the info, nice to have an even better understanding of why the menu took off down when I turned on the wheel. Editing out the entries in the inputsettings.xml that referenced "leftstick" was easy and once completed the Dpad on the Thrustmaster worked just like you want it to, and the shifter paddles default to select and back which also works really well. I am lucky enough to have a dedicated driving cockpit so the only controls hooked to it are the wheel, pedals and shifter so there will not be any confusion. I am familiar with the Dinput vs Xinput because when setting up games in Teknoparrot you have to choose the correct one, Dinput as you noted. I could not be happier with how things are working currently and really happy that my one game, H2Overdrive is now closing out like it should, not 100% sure why this one game acted differently than the other 8 games I play that use Teknoparrot but I am confident it is not BigBox related, in fact I would credit BigBox with providing a way to "override" emulators and games that act up, so another reason why I have a lifetime subscription. Have a great day and enjoy playing some games!! Zeosstud
  3. I do not know why BigBox does not allow me to assign things like it should but I am not fighting this battle any longer, adding the correct lines to the inputbindings.xml solved my issue, not gonna spend any more time going down that rabbit hole, going to spend some time actually playing some games. On the same machine I did do a quick test, I installed LaunchBox to the root of my D Drive, so, D:\Launchbox, when I go into options and tell it to use my Thrustmaster TX Steering wheel as a controller, it immediately acts as if I am holding the down button consistently, there is nothing I can do about it.. I exit out of BigBox, goto the inputbindings.xml and remove all entries that reference "LeftStick", there are like 6 or 7, save the file and go back into BigBox, my steering wheel controls everything exactly how I want it to, the dpad moves things up, down, left and right and buttons 1 and 2 are Select and Back. I can not explain why all this happens, but, with the current workaround things are functioning flawlessly, I have 5 different emulators setup, maybe 20 or so games total, everything working as desired. Appreciate all the replies and comments and hope everyone takes some time to play a game or two soon Thanks, Zeosstud
  4. JoeViking245, just saw your post.. Thanks a lot for taking the time to find that, I appreciate it.. I found the same, and hey, we can not both be wrong!! Your time and effort is appreciated Cheers!!
  5. Okay, I solved this.. <InputBinding> <InputAction>BigBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>None</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button8</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> This is what the inputbinding.xml entry looks like corresponding to Close the Active Window under Controller Mappings.. So for me, when I have the below lines in the Running AutoHotKeyScript tab of my Edit Teknoparrot Emulator in Launchbox Joy8:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } and I have the upper settings for Close the Active Window under Controller Mappings H2Overdrive finally closes like it should, as do all the other Teknoparrot games I have setup
  6. If you have time, maybe you could goto controller mappings, scroll down to Close the Active Window, assign it a button and let me know what changes in inputbindings.xml or BigBoxSettings.xml?? I am gonna do some testing on another machine and see if I can figure it out also.
  7. Can someone tell me what the Close Active Window setting looks like in the InputBindings.xml looks like please.. For whatever reason I can not remap any of the Controller Bindings from inside of BigBox, so I have set them manually in the InputBindings for Up, Down, Left, Right, Select and Back and that is working just fine, I have ONE freaking game inside of Teknoparrot that will not exit like it should, the other 8 work fine. I was hoping to try and use the Close Active Window setting and see if it works but everytime I try to add it to InputBindings.xml and open BigBox it throws and error.
  8. Would really like to see support for programming the U360 joystick based on the game type loaded.. I know you can do it with the current run before and run after settings on a per game basis, but a more automated solution would be great.
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