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  1. No Pressure Mate! I'm back in tomorrow. Absolutely no rush at all.
  2. My Fingers on the download button....... ? looking forward to it mate. Thanks
  3. Perfect! Again.... Thank you! These look really nice. People will really enjoy these additions to their collections. I'll be waiting for these to drop for sure.
  4. Top Quality! they look absolutely mint mate, cant wait to add these beauties. Thanks Once again. let me know when you pop them on youtube and ill let my channel know. cheers pal have a great weekend.
  5. Thank You Sucramjd. Ill Make sure I say thank you and point people your way as your work is excellent. thank you so much. looking forward to the next batch!
    top quality addition thank you
  6. absolutely on point Sir! thank you for making the crusty edges of my launchbox/bigbox more palletable!
  7. I have been updating bigbox & Launchbox last night and it looks fantastic with your work. Would it be possible to link your work on one of my videos Please? Via My google drive? Understand if your not happy with that though. I just wanted more people to see your excellent work and ill happily give you a big shout out.
  8. looks fantastic thank you so much!
  9. Fantastic work! Thank You so much. Do You have the Following at all? Taito Type X - Boxes Sega All Net Multi - Boxes Nesica X Live - Boxes Regards.
  10. Excellent just what I needed! Again you have came to the rescue with your work!
  11. Muckers

    startup video

    go to your launchbox folder! its in there Videos / Startup... Place it in there, if you dont have one create it. (Startup folder that is)
  12. Thank You Kind Sir! The Top one i found towards the start of the thread and Is perfect!
  13. @sundogak @viking Thank you so much for all your work you put into these. you've made my bigbox go from decent to Awesome! Do you have a NESiCAXLive Silver Ring Logo at all? Ive had a look through and can't see one. I'm Sure there was one available but just cannot find it. Once Again tremendus job you have all done with all these! Edit Found it!
  14. I have just added a few to launchbox. only thing i noticed was they were a bit small compared to the others I have...but that is no way a critism they look great and your videos are fantastic too make my build look cleaner now Ive added those. Your Work is much appreciated. Thank YOU!
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