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  1. worked first time on my main system. But i will monitor it as i tried it before and it didnt work. So will keep my eye on it and update you in a week or so when ive had time to play a few games and test different systems. thank you gents
  2. Ok ill test my reinstalled system when i get chance thanks
  3. Yes, ive rebuilt my test system with everything disabled will test asap and update you.
  4. Hi there, Everything is up to date. every emulator / windows updates / nvidia drivers. This issue only came about after the last few updates. All emulators quit fine in launchbox and did in bigbox until recently. Its not just demul its every system when it starts doing this funny issue. Launchbox is completely fine its just bigbox. When launching a game instead of going into the game menu where you have options to launch the game etc that is now missing. This issue occurs most days but sometimes its fine and goes back to how it should be. Its really strange and happens on my test system too which ive currently rebuilding with a full fresh install to see if it continues to be an issue. Thank you for your reply
  5. ***update*** This happens when you select a game from the list in bigbox and it goes straight into the game. skipping the the menu screen to play\launch with\play video etc option screen before you load the game.
  6. Hello Bigbox Brothers, Since the latest updates on launchbox, Ive had a bizarre issue where whilst using bigbox. When I Quit a game it crashes with just the clear logo and black screen displaying. I cannot get back to bigbox and have to close the screen down using alt - tab or ending task in task manager. It is making bigbox unusable! Ive had no issues since the 3 updates to 10.6 and im getting to the point where i just cannot use it. This happens on my test system and my main system, but seems like im the only person having this issue. Ive recently started to reinstall my test system which is pain stakingly slow and time consuming to see if the issue is still happening. now its fine for a few games then goes back to the issue. ive posted a video (link below) if anyone can help me out or point me to what the issue is. Again... no issue since the latest 3 updates. Regards Muckers https://youtu.be/slyTO4tyB4A
    Nice clean start up video Thank you!
    some great clear logos and alternative artwork for your playlists. Any chance of the following? :- 2 player , 4 player, ball & paddle, board / card games , flying , maze , multigames this would complete my selections perfectly. thanks for the upload much appreciated.
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