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  1. Did a fresh install and everything seems to be working now without the need for Admin rights. Obviously something on my system somewhere but it seems to be sorted now. Thank you all for the assist, I really appreciate it.
  2. No, things have always launched just fine from the desktop icons without any additional modification. Im going to do a clean install and see what happens. Ill update as soon as I am done.
  3. Sorry, been editing my prior post. Yes I have ended task on the process and I have restarted. The only way I can get Beta 2 LaunchBox or Big Box to launch is to "Run as Administrator".
  4. LaunchBox Beta 2 is stuck at initializing and refuses to launch for me unless I "Run as an Administrator". Same goes for Big Box. The controller still works in both, but having to launch this way is a bit inconvenient. Have not had to do this in the past so is a bit odd.
  5. Sorry for the delayed response. Windows 7 Professional with a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller. I just tried the Beta release and my controller is now working!
  6. I second this, just updated to LaunchBox/Big Box 10.4 and I'm having the same issue. I cannot navigate in Big Box nor can I control the mouse in Launchbox. Controls in game are fine, however, my normal exit from a game (Select + Start on my xbox controller) does not function. I have already tried resetting the controller in the options and deleting LaunchBox\Data\InputBindings.xml file. however, nothing seems to work. Any information and assistance is greatly appreciated.
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