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  1. Okay thanks for that, I appreciate it
  2. A few of my windows games take a lil while to load, so what happens is I get the big box "loading" screen but then it returns back to the Big Box screen before the game launches, so then my game will load but big box stays open in the background and the music keeps playing while in game. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. I followed the instructions from the video to exactness, but all that happens for me when i right click and hit scrape movie is nothing? Nothing at all happens. I get zero popup screen and the plugin just does not work. Anyone have an idea what the issue might be?
  4. When i go into launchbox options, i see absolutely no option to turn controller automation on? I just see mappings, didnt there use to be an option i could turn on for controller automation, seems to have vanished? Idk if it makes a difference but im using that new Duke Xbox Controller, the recreation of the classic xbox controller
  5. Randomized backgrounds would be awesome, i didnt even know it was an old feature that got scrapped, i like the idea though!
  6. Love this theme as i use kodi to launch big box.. do have one issue though, was wondering if its possible to make the box art less faded when im in the game select screen, or is it possible to get rid of the white text titles all together and see only the game box's on the left? Im not a fan of the faded box images with the white text titles over it. Anyways to adjust this? If not no biggie still love this theme, nice work (Note: it would also be cool to have the option to change the game titles to those blocky/colorful logo themed titles rather than plain txt, and then squeeze both the screenshot/video and game box art on the right side, not sure if there would be room though lol.. this would be less "kodi like" but would be a nice option.)
  7. How do you switch video backgrounds with this theme? By default i have the city hunter video for my background and dont know how to change the background to one of the other video files?
  8. Shit! Worked! Lol thanks a ton that was buggin the hell out of me. Appreciate the help (Ps Let me know if there is an AHK for closing cxbx in the future, thanks!)
  9. Hey, thanks for this, but for some odd reason this only works once in a while for me, and whenever it does launch full screen it takes the sound out lol. I can live with no sound atm bc it might have to do with my UHD630. Its weird though, it is like a random chance that it will launch full screen but most the time still get a small window.. Any idea? Also, do you know an ahk to close the emulator with ESC key?
  10. eirrocmh

    Hot Scripts

    Okay cool i will search and post here for now on
  11. eirrocmh

    Hot Scripts

    Thanks so much, i appreciate it
  12. eirrocmh

    Hot Scripts

    Can someone/anyone give me a HotScript for the following scenarios: 1.) launching Snes9x in Full Screen automatically without having to change the emulator settings each time? 2.) launching CXBX Reloaded in full screen and also exiting program with escape button?
  13. Yeah no prob, ill post a screenshot tonight. I noticed theres two downloadable files. Do i need both to make it work?
  14. I installed this following the instructions but when I switch to this theme in big box i just get something totally different, something totally wrong bc it looks terrible and so simple lol.. everything is all messed up. could you help me out? thanks
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