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  1. a detail ... the cover of the game cho aniki is wrong since it shows the same cover of the game ai cho aniki. a request ... you could make the cover for the game space fantasy zone with google images. Thanks
  2. It would also be welcome if you made some other version of this set of boxes, for example one without gloss and another with a plastic cover. It is only a suggestion, thank you very much for the work
  3. Hi, can you make this please?
  4. I will try to find higher quality images
  5. Cyber Core---------pc engine. Needs to be redone in the database. Daisenpuu--------megadrive japan. Don´t match colors in the database. World Cup Soccer---megadrive japan. No exist in the database. Street Gangs----Nes pal. No exist in the database. Corvette ZR1---Nes pal. No exist in the database. Shadow Warriors II ---Nes pal. No exist in the database. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. A smal note, nothing important. In japanese region the word "super" blue and red colors go in a different place than their recent art.
  7. Super Hang On. The logo that is in the database doesn´t match. Could you make or redo these three versions of the different regions of megadrive?
  8. The Shadow Dancer logo is perfect. Moonwalker logo seems more like a very nice reinterpretation although less faithful since the font of the letter s doesn´t match in the word moonwalker as well as differences in color in general. It may of course be worth what you think.
  9. I propose these two logos. Moonwalker is in the database but poor quality and shadow dancer needs purple shades
  10. Hi, I request these two logos if you like it, thanks in advance
  11. Hi Seaview59. Final Fight Tough, my request for this week. I think this logo should have the background but I leave it to your discretion, thanks in advance
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