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  1. I will try to find higher quality images
  2. Cyber Core---------pc engine. Needs to be redone in the database. Daisenpuu--------megadrive japan. Don´t match colors in the database. World Cup Soccer---megadrive japan. No exist in the database. Street Gangs----Nes pal. No exist in the database. Corvette ZR1---Nes pal. No exist in the database. Shadow Warriors II ---Nes pal. No exist in the database. Thanks for your hard work.
  3. A smal note, nothing important. In japanese region the word "super" blue and red colors go in a different place than their recent art.
  4. Super Hang On. The logo that is in the database doesn´t match. Could you make or redo these three versions of the different regions of megadrive?
  5. The Shadow Dancer logo is perfect. Moonwalker logo seems more like a very nice reinterpretation although less faithful since the font of the letter s doesn´t match in the word moonwalker as well as differences in color in general. It may of course be worth what you think.
  6. I propose these two logos. Moonwalker is in the database but poor quality and shadow dancer needs purple shades
  7. Hi, I request these two logos if you like it, thanks in advance
  8. Hi Seaview59. Final Fight Tough, my request for this week. I think this logo should have the background but I leave it to your discretion, thanks in advance
  9. Oh man, this is so much better than I expected. Thank you very much.
  10. Hi seaview, I don´t know if I can request a pair of system logos. I also don´t know if they have enough quality to work with them. I show them to you.
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