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  1. Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection.
  2. Thanks Wally been waiting on this update from you for a long time! great job on these buddy. Famicom next haha
  3. I told you it distracts you from this annoying heat lol..
  4. Get the bags of ice out bro, I'm just drinking lots of beer to keep cool lads lol.
  5. Mate even here in Scotland it's bloody roasting take your time and stay cool lol..
  6. Thanks for you hard work on these buddy love seeing what's coming next Mortal Kombat for me Mag Max was one of those games I played back in the 80's on the Spectrum, It took me 27 years to come across it again thanks for the bezel bro.
  7. I seen that after I posted the cover Seaview thanks lol
  8. Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure
  9. Deadheat Road (Japan) I'm not 100% if this is the correct colours but would still like to have it on BB Deadheat Road (Japan).psd
  10. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (USA, Europe, Japan) Can you give them a go please Seaview? the Japanese one would be better with the text from the spine being used just needs rotated. I was struggling with the other two.
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