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  1. The same happened to me a few weeks ago Microsoft need a kick in the nuts..
  2. Hi Jason any chance of you adding this to the next release? I would really like to add my guides and stuff to the pause menu bro. Goofers
  3. RetroLust you have just crushed my dreams 🤣😂 I have so many I want to see done tbh..
  4. Classic can't wait till you get all my fav ones done mate ;)
  5. I see just don't see why post on the forum and not share..
  6. Will your stuff be free to download to Launchbox members?
  7. I can't wait to have this complete mate great job so far
  8. Hi mate was wondering what shader setup you are using? keep up the great work on these! if you have a psd I could help you out been doing arcade cabinets and other artwork do you have a cloud to upload stuff to? Goofers
  9. Could you do the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC , Aari ST and Amiga mate would love these man great job on them ;)
  10. uk ebay has plenty bare carts bro have a look there first
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