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  1. I knew this day would come, you just took me back 33 years!! damn I feel old I still remember the day I played this in a cafe at a bus station best day of my life hahahaha. Thanks buddy appreciate your hard work here
  2. Not far to go till my Fav Double Dragon Trilogy mate ;)
  3. You should do a Pal Set with the same Dimensioins mate to fill in the last few games showing from (Europe)
  4. Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 9: Gain Ground
  5. Hope you can get some of the ones I posted mate working on so many things myself thanks for your great work ;)
  6. 😇With the falling Letter A would be cool thanks in advance Seaview
  7. Thanks bud, that was the best quality logo I could find ;)
  8. Yeah I will when complete mate.
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