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  1. Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure
  2. Deadheat Road (Japan) I'm not 100% if this is the correct colours but would still like to have it on BB Deadheat Road (Japan).psd
  3. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (USA, Europe, Japan) Can you give them a go please Seaview? the Japanese one would be better with the text from the spine being used just needs rotated. I was struggling with the other two.
  4. I had a quick look for the Quiz F1 one but couldn't find anything mate.
  5. Your work is getting better every time Seaview thanks for all you do here it is appreciated bro.
  6. Fist (Japan) The one I have is really tiny needs redone with white glow effect
  7. If I change from an emulator ie Retroarch to RocketLauncher I lose Pause function any tips would be appreciated guys..
  8. Launchbox is the best front-end available..
  9. e-advertisements??
  10. Soul Blader (Japan) Soul Blader (Japan).psd
  11. Thats even better than I hoped for bro great job 🧙‍♂️
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