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  1. Could you do the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC , Aari ST and Amiga mate would love these man great job on them ;)
  2. uk ebay has plenty bare carts bro have a look there first
  3. Sure mate I can do a load im not working on anything just now, collecting zx spectrum and Amstrad hd inlays where I can want to get more done.
  4. Hi mate any chance you could remove the shine effect and shorten them a tad as they look a little stretched in height. goofers
  5. All the artwork I have is horrible mate best to redo the lot do you need the pal and jap double cd template?
  6. I don't care as long as they are completed if they need resizing or adjusted let me know I can do any of that we need a full set for all regions I Have stuff there done its more the USA and Japan set we need I will have a look later and get back to yous.
  7. Yeah, I am back just waiting on a new desk coming next week so I can get back into my artwork running a nice 4k screen now so stuff will be even better haha hope to talk again soon mate.
  8. Hi mate do you have the bezels for these games on mame I have been away for so long lost contact with everyone thanks in advance if you can hook me up 😉
  9. Nice good job mate I have a few others too share with you will send them over ok.
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