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  1. Thank you for the replies, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a simple fix I couldn’t find. I bought the game through my Xbox One and was liking not having to repurchase tables. I’ll give Steam a try with the sample table and see if I prefer it.
  2. Is there anyone out there who has actually successfully imported individual tables with FX3 purchased through the Microsoft Store (not Steam)? I flawlessly imported FX3 after I installed it from the Microsoft Store, but when I did this Launchbox sees it as a Windows game, and all I can do is launch the game and navigate from there. The tips above act like the .exe file is accessible and simple to find. Windows hides FX3 in a hidden directory WinApps, but it won't let me open it despite what permissions I may grant myself. So entering it into the emulator creator won't work. Here's whe
  3. Did you solve this? I have some version of this too in RA at boot for most games.
  4. Creating punchout.ini with the correct 2 screen settings did the trick. Didn't have to set up any program or file, MAME simply launches straight into two screens and replaces the BigBox marquee. The marquee reappears when I exit the game. Works in other games too. I'm off to try to figure out why MAME works and GroovyMAME hangs when I try the same thing. Thanks for the help. Scott
  5. Thanks for the reply. All the changes I described are in mame.ini, not punch out. But right now all my two-monitor games work. My current problem is I can't see all the marquees when playing the single monitor games like Centipede. The marquee vanishes when the game boots. I'm new to the two-monitor stuff, so are you saying that I need to: 1. turn off two screens in mame.ini 2. turn on two screens one-by-one in punchout.ini and any other 2 monitor game? Thanks. Scott
  6. I have a cabinet with an existing Makvision Tri-Mode monitor and I am trying to add a second monitor to my cabinet for purposes of displaying marquees and playing two-monitor games (basically Punch-Out). I am using BigBox to display marquees, and I have turned them on in options. I see marquees displayed on the platform and game screens, but when I select “Play” within the game, the marquee vanishes and only the game screen is displayed (I see a second, different screen where appropriate like in PO). My primary emulator is/was GroovyMAME, but it apparently crashes when launching when B
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