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  1. This is true. I did however manage to track down what I think may be a solution using Pixel Cade http://pixelcade.org/ with its integration with LED Blinky https://www.ledblinky.net/ledblinky.htm and Launch Box in case anyone lands on this post in the future. Still waiting on the hardware to confirm (I already have the matrix leds just waiting on the board). Will try to remember to update this with the results.
  2. Hi, Does anyone use chained together led matrix panels for their Launchbox marquee? I have a pi hooked into a 3 panel led matrix set up, but getting anything to work on pi is a bit complicated. I was hoping there might be something off the shelf I can use? That allows the matrix to display marquee images. I looked into offshoring dev work and a custom solution would run around $500 (I don’t code otherwise I would try it myself). Would love to know if anyone has gotten this to work. I currently have 3, 32 pixel height and 62 pixel width led matrix panels chained together running off a raspberry pi 3b+ with an Adafruit pi led matrix hat. Honestly even just getting a logo or animated gif to run when powered up at this point would be a start. Would love to hear what others are doing. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! -Andrew
  3. Hi this keeps happening to me. Every time I log into launchbox I get the attached screen. The only way I have been able to get rid of it is to do a complete wipe and new install losing everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. When I open LaunchBox I get is this: If I click on the right bar it opens the add Rom interface. Other than that I can't do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi, I have a couple rom dumps and I'm cleaning the games out manually as they don't work but I feel like there has to be a more efficient way. Is there a setting that tries to load all the roms that work and remove the ones that done? I have seen this in MAME but not for other rom sets? is it possible within launchbox? If not are there any 3rd party software that is great for this?
  6. Ah, its the folder that is named startup. I was naming the file. Thank you for the tip! Works great now.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to add a startup video to the Nostalgia theme. The only tutorials I can find say its as easy as naming a file startup.mp4 and throwing it in the videos folder... But that does not work for me. Does Nostalgia not allow for start up videos? Or does it reference a different folder/name? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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