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  1. I've reinstalled multiple times, cleared library, reset setting, etc. Can't figure it out. lb.mp4
  2. I've been extremely busy lately so sorry for the extremely late reply! I fixed the above mentioned issue with subscribing to EmuMovies, thank you for that advice @neil9000. No refund needed as of now @Jason Carr. Just needed a bit more research into it. I do have one odd issue that occurs every so often however. I open the app after log in, play a game, then exit LaunchBox only to have it crash every time I try to re-open. I have to restart my pc and it will work then, however certain features such as opening the options menu causes it to crash. It's very random, however I recently built a new
  3. I have tried everything to get BigBox running properly and I cannot figure it out , themes seem to change nothing and no videos are displayed aswell. It looks like garbage and it sucks I payed 50$ for something that won't work correctly. LaunchBox_Big_Box_2019-04-17_18-21-01.mp4
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