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  1. Then just delete the rom. As stated. Or give a multi optioned suggestion to delete all associated including possible saved games or just initial rom referenced in launchbox. Theres multiple events in launchbox with warnings. If launchbox is scared of doing this relocate to a purge folder. The idea of this feature still seems too helpful not to find an option.
  2. I looked at my friends lunchbox and he had a bunch of duplicates and garbage in his roms folders too. It would be so nice to have a purge unused roms like we have purge unused images.
  3. I would like to make a suggestion for a feature to rename the file names of the ROMs in a category two the name of the game listed in lunchbox so that in the future if the game is scraped I don’t have to manually search for the game again because it will find it
  4. i m wanting to have multiple platform videos per platform to play randomly is there a hacky way to do this either by having bigbox run a batch file when it first loads to rename the video files in a group or something? any ideas?
  5. I am wanting to have random platform videos play, however I am under the understanding that this is not a feature right now. So what I would like to do is have a batch file load when big box loads or better yet a batch file load when big box closes that will randomly rename a video in the platform video directory to the correct platform video name. What would be a clean or cleaner way of doing this? Is there a place to select an on-load or close batch file?
  6. I really like the idea of playing a random commercial on the platform screen as well is there a way to automatically run a batch file when big box loads? Perhaps I could have a batch file rename a random video in the directory to that platforms playing video filename
  7. In bigbox I’ve mapped the controller automation pause to the button, ok Load game (retroarch) push button nothing Any ideas?
  8. Oh then there may be a typo. It says “Launchbox will update metadata and media, but only for empty fields or missing media.” Are you saying that it actually functions that it will “update metadata and media, but only for empty fields and will add new media.” However for something like box front, theres only one box front that I see per game when using that option and it doesn't download a new box front from what I can tell...
  9. Oh I see so updating without replacing metadata will download a new image if I have that image type but I have an older version of the image from the database?
  10. When you say “people can update new images without redownloading every image” I just want to end on the final point, they can’t. You said “thats the point of downloading without replacing” but unless I’m mistaken the point of downloading without replacing is to download images for image types you dont have. So therefore, you can’t update to the new images unless you happen to have no image of that image type without downloading and replacing all images.
  11. You could just have an option to replace the images that dont match the hash. That isn’t an incredibly significant change. Your already checking, and people who want to update their library with newer images redownload every image for every game. There is an option to redownload the images I already have and it would be faster and less bandwidth om both sides for an option to redownload the images that dont match the image hash on the db. If the hash is checking why does it redownload the thing you have...
  12. The odds are very likely it’s a new image, and yes, the option that I think would be useful is to download new images from the database, if my pictures are likely different. The images would be better because that’s what happens when images are replaced on the games database, they are replaced with more appropriate, more accurate pictures. The frequency that this is not the case is far more rare than when a new image is posted. When a new image is posted it has a much higher likelihood of being inaccurate or low quality, then times that someone replaces an image on the database, because they are consciously doing so with the intention that they are improving upon it. However as it is now when they do so nobody gets those images unless they choose to overwrite all of the images, including images where it is the same image. Another way to think about this - why is there an option for me to override my current images with the same image? Can we have an option in the future to overwrite the images that are different from the images on the gamesdb.
  13. Ok... but I WANT it to replace images that do not match checksums. That’s very specifically what I am suggesting. Currently there is no option to update images, right?
  14. Simpler yet- when a file is replaced on the gamesdb timestamp the filename server side example: New front image accepted on 5-29-2019 12:38 Front529191238.jpG That would be all the processing change needed server side - your doing some processing to save it in the db anyway - and just change the current scan to check if a filename is the same before downloading. If its the same skip, now that should be way more efficient all around and way less bandwidth! As it is now replace everything even if its the same thing is a big load of unnecessary processing and bandwidth on both sides.
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