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  1. I recently changed in the in-game look of my MAME arcade games. It's a slight modification of the crt-geom-deluxe, which gives life/warmth to the otherwise dull pixels. I thought I was through, but as most of us know ... you're never really through with any of this. I discovered the noninteger setting and it was like seeing and playing Pac-Man and Donkey Kong all over again. Now that I have a fat DK -- which is how I remember the game from 1981 -- I don't want to go back to skinny DK. The same with Pac-Man. Unfortunately, the tradeoff, at least for some of these games, including Pac-Man, is th
  2. Just wanted to report back that beta 11.7 has saved the day for me. No matter what I tried, Big Box and LaunchBox would not fully exit until task manager forcibly closed the program. With 11.7, that is no longer an issue. THANK YOU!
  3. That's a great suggestion. Thank you. I'll do that and post the (hopefully positive) results.
  4. Just an FYI ... I updated to 11.6 but am still having issues with BigBox not closing or exiting properly, which means I have to manually close the program through task manager. This problem began with 11.4, if I remember correctly. And, yes, I am using several themes for my platforms.
  5. Just put the beta through its paces and had NO issues. Thank you!
  6. That's GREAT NEWS! Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. BigBox continually crashes on me, mostly after the first time I exit a game. I thought it was mostly a problem with Unified Redux, but it's also with Unified Refried, and Neon Deluxe Arcade. And it's not only launching, playing, and then exiting a game that causes the crash; BigBox has crashed on me while scanning through the various arcade playlists before I launched a game. The problem was consistent enough in the various latter betas of 11.3, that I stopped the beta updates and downgraded from beta 15 to beta 12. The issue was still there. I waited until the re-release of 11.3 earlier
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this issue, but ... LaunchBox's ROM import through TOOLs has failed to import two MAME roms. They're older games (1979's Sky Love being one, don't remember the other) but both work in MAME and have the media files as well. Yet, I just MANUALLY added Sky Love to LaunchBox via drag-'n'-drop with no issue. Also worth noting: I used the MAME Arcade Full Set import in early 2019 after my LB/BB install, and from nosing around the entire library of MAME theme videos, it looks like several older MAME games like Sky Love were not imported. Is there
  9. OK, that's what I'll do. I go to 11.2. THANKS AGAIN for your help!
  10. Thanks. Now I'm thinking about simply rolling back LB/BB to 11.0. But, I'm paranoid that somehow, someway all the customizations, images, games, etc. will be erased. I can't back up everything because I don't have space on either of my HDs. I know others have said reverting to an older LB through updates is safe, but I just want to make sure one final time before I pull that trigger.
  11. Still doesn't work. I installed .Net Core 3.1.6 x64 and I was told I could either "repair" the version I had or uninstall it. I did the latter and ran the installer again but it didn't matter: "To run this application, you must install .NET Core." So I downloaded it again and this time, when I was prompted to repair or uninstall .Net Core, I ran the repair. Still didn't work: : "To run this application, you must install .NET Core." Nothing seems to work. Can I just migrate the same folders and such from my test beta LaunchBox (Perhaps the core folder?) into my regular LaunchBox, making s
  12. Running Windows 10 home edition. I should mention that when I was downloading beta 3 there was a glitch of some kind but the process was completed. When I launched the app I was told I was missing .Net Core and that I needed to install it and it hasn't worked yet.
  13. Ugh. Sorry, I wasn't thinking. Here ya go. Thanks!
  14. I think this is what you wanted ...
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