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  1. Two quick questions: Can Big Box shuffle two or more platform videos for each platform? I'd like to, for example, have one of several Atari 2600 commercials play at random each time I go to that platform. I was also hoping to have a random start-up video play every time I launch Big Box, just to keep it interesting, if that's possible. Also, I'm using MAME for many of the older consoles (it works best with my Rec Room Masters arcade controller, among other reasons). But LaunchBox/Big Box doesn't do so well when scraping the shortened ROM names that MAME recognizes. Out of 180 ColecoVision roms, including homebrews and a few hacks, only 60 were scraped, so it missed dozens of the official releases; however, when I scraped a no-intro set, almost all of them showed up. Is there a way around this -- other than scanning a no-intro set for the artwork, and then tediously editing each game's rom link to the MAME rom file? Or, using Retroarch or another console-specific emulator? Thanks in advance!
  2. OK, thanks for the suggestion and the quick reply. I'll give 'em a try and go from there.
  3. Will consoles running through MAME not accept all homebrews and hacks? For example, I have a hundred or so "unofficial" releases for the Atari 2600 and MAME will not launch most of those games. I've zipped them, renamed them (lowercase and with eight or so characters), and even edited them into the 2600's xml document -- and they will not load; however, Stella, standalone and as part of RA, runs the games fine. I plan to use Stella for the 2600, but wanted to use MAME for ColecoVision, Intellivision, et al., as others on the forum have suggested. If I can't play these games through MAME, though, then I'll go the standalone emulator or RA route. Thanks!
  4. THANK YOU! It was super easy to set up and worked just like I hoped it would. Again, thanks for the help.
  5. My plan for my Big Box arcade is to create three main sections (platforms) as umbrella categories: Arcade, Living Room, Office. Arcade would feature only video and laserdisc games found in the arcades. Under arcade, I would have nests for years, decades, and categories (trackball, Williams Classics, light gun, Daphne, Naomi, et al). Living room would be consoles and handheld only, so I would have nests for those (sub) platforms: Atari 2600, NES, Bally Astrocade, et al. Office would be for computers only, so I would have nests for those (sub) platforms: Apple II, TRS 80, Atari 8-Bit, et al. The point to this is to make my Big Box build less crowded with options; after launch there would be three main rabbit holes as choices, followed by the systems in that choice. Is there any way to do this? I know we're not supposed to mess with platforms, but, for example, I would rather have Daphne under arcade and not as its own platform. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions and/or how-to guides.
  6. Trying to finish the cleanup of my Big Box arcade machine. I've noticed that MAME games with the same name (Argus, Commando, D-Day, etc.) often import the wrong Theme and gameplay video (i.e., 1982's Commando by Sega has the 1985 Capcom Commando video). It's the same for the artwork. Try as I might with directly telling Launchbox what videos to use and then refreshing the game's content, it often doesn't work. I delete and re-import the videos, rename the videos (Commando Sega), etc., and Big Box displays the wrong video, even if Launchbox doesn't. (It helps when I completely exit out of Launchbox and then restart, but not always.) I also have the same for the artwork to those games, which keep coming back after I delete them through Launchbox; I now designate the wrong 3D boxes, screenshots, logos, etc. that are imported as "steam banners," since I don't use that in my theme and they won't show up. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. I'm hoping someone can make this right. Thanks for any suggestions or solutions.
  7. Thanks for the link, Jason. I found the solution to the problem in a slight settings tweak: settings/ease of access/keyboard/set filter keys to off. Now the auto-scroll function is working wonderfully; it's like having an old friend back. I should mention, Mr. RetroLust, that I had the same issue with all the themes since this was a Windows 10 correction. Also, I REALLY, REALLY love your theme! I appreciate the help from both of you. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.
  8. Hi, short-time BB user, first-time poster ... My issue: cannot auto-scroll through games and platforms and platform categories with the wheel. Moving the joystick up or down will move the wheel one title/name in that direction and the process must be repeated (again and again and again). Auto-scroll was working quite well only a week ago or so. I elected to download the beta versions and somewhere around the beta 8 to 10 iteration the auto-scroll quit working. It did work in the betas before that, so I figured it was just one of those temporary beta "glitches" that is resolved by the time of the public release. That hasn't happened. I've done as much as I know how to do via forum suggestions and blind stabs at the problem with no luck at resolving the issue. I'm optimistic about my chances through the experts on the forum. Here are the particulars: I have a dedicated arcade cabinet through RecRoomMasters with the upgraded emulation edition controller (the one that also features a spinner and dedicated 4-way joystick, in addition to the two multidirection joysticks, trackball, and buttons). The controller works great with MAME and in BB (other than the auto-scroll issue). I have a 2012 PC (3470, 8g ram, 240 ssd) running Windows 10 Home Edition. I'm running 9.4 BB official release and am using a slightly customized version of the Future State Neon Deluxe theme; namely, I uploaded photos for my platform categories of "Decades" and "Years," which are nested with the sub-categories of "1970s," "1983," "1997," etc. I have monkied with Visual Studio in prior attempts to customize my theme; my current theme is a fresh version of FSND with no changes in its structure. But, could the legacy of those changes in other attempts be haunting me now? In fact, what I have literally just discovered in typing this and deleting a "ghost in the machine" reference, is that my keyboard will not perform the auto function, either; e.g., when I hit the "backspace" key, the cursor goes back one space; however, hold backspace down and it only goes back one space and then stops until I hit the key again. When I use the keyboard arrows in BB mode with the vertical wheels and the horizontal alphabetical search or any of the image and text scroll methods, it's the same thing; one space with each press of the arrow; one space when I hold down the arrow. So maybe it's a Windows 10 issue? Dunno. Any and all help and patience with someone who is just tech savvy enough to be a hazard to himself and his devices will be greatly appreciated. I should add that I absolutely love BB. My dream is to recreate the arcade experience of my youth (I'm just old enough to have had an off-brand PONG system as a kid), and I've nearly realized it, with Big Box a huge part of the retro equation. Cheers/thanks/Force be with you/game on ...
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