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  1. thanks @y2guru, PACS theme is nice, at least,I can think of certain systems where it could look good for me. And at least it's a start regarding what I'm looking for ... However, hopefully someone who understands this, would be able to port the hyperspin theme as it is one day, as for example now occurs with frontend Attract Mode that has it. Today we have some similar theme in launchbox, but without these control animations, which I personally think are very good in arcade bartop and other great projects. I imagine this in Launchbox, along with the potential of its current functions and it would almost reach perfection in my opinion, or even another more separate idea, if the developer created an animation of default controls, (Japanese joystick / xbox one controller) allowing to overexpose this, on all current and future themes created by the community ... optionally On / Off, and it would seem to me an exceptional function. regards.
  2. Hi, could someone try to create a logo to create a secondary Mame system called: MAME ONLINE ...please? This MAME Online would be to use with an "old" latest version of the kaillera and romset specific for this, for some sporadic online games.
  3. Hello, since I bought my Bigbox license, I have not stopped asking myself some questions. In order not to confuse anyone, I am referring exactly as an example to the animation type with "lever or joystick" that shows hyperspin in the lower central part by default, indicating next game / system for example. specifically this video animation, is inside the folder of specials directories for this other frontend. Unified themes in launchbox, I quite like them, however, I could not see in these either the possibility of obtaining this animation. It does not necessarily have to be completely identical, but personally, I have not found absolutely any theme that shows this by default, nor did I find any option in launchbox / bigbox to achieve this. This is mainly the only aesthetic reason currently, why launchbox / bigbox is not my main frontend yet, and I wish I could "fix this", since if we mix its other features it would be just about perfect for me.
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