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  1. What to do with a Virtual Boy? Laugh at it and move on.
  2. Why does Tails look miserable every time he jumps in his own game? Not a good sign for the Game Gear.
  3. The green hurts me. I think I saw this commercial a million times as a kid. If you can’t see it there is the red wire frame from the GB box moving in the background.
  4. Here are the final two console by date I have emulated. Since both run in a 16:9 ratio it doesn’t make to much sense to have a retroarch border at runtime. I emulated the WiiU only for NESRemix. (And so I can leave my original in the closet.) I think it’s the only interesting games left exclusive to that console and a fitting title in a sea of emulation. Next up, handhelds.
  5. I have PS3 emulation just so I don't have to drag everything out to play Demon Souls.
  6. If Dreamcast had a cousin it would be the Gamecube.
  7. I felt the PS2 was the finally nail in the Dreamcast and I’ve always resented it a little bit.
  8. I hate you N64 but I’ll still make a theme for you and your stupid hard-rive add-on.
  9. I want to think of something more interesting for the animation on this one. As of now the green power light blinks. As I go through consoles by date I think the PS1 might be my favorite.
  10. I might redo this to be the model 1 instead of the 2. I love how the commercials became increasingly insane in this era.
  11. I wanted a 32x so bad when I was a kid because I was stupid. I’m glad I never got it. The Big Box animated variants work well as theme to create a nice virtual tower of power.
  12. I almost forgot the Atari Jaguar. Even as a dumb kid who wanted everything video game related, I remember picking up the controller and thinking "nope".
  13. Is this the greatest Naughty Dog game ever made?
  14. I love the Sega CD. It is my guilty pleasure console. It was the future incarnate. “I can’t believe I’m seeing a 128x128 16 color full motion video with terrible acting from barely recognizable TV actors!”
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