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  1. Ah brilliant, using this and a little bit of exploration i found it in the themes section. Had to apply it to a specific platform like you said. Thanks so much.
  2. Heya @neil9000, So I have a similar issue, but within BB and as part of the theme, not the startup. I can see the discs spinning on playstation (before starting up), as part of the theme, but it doesnt do it for some of the other platforms, such as dreamcast. Any ideas? I am using the Unified theme
  3. Thanks man, appreciated. I am trying to keep a portable setup of LaunchBox, so this feature would help maintain free space. Can't sing enough praises for this software man. Easily the best front-end. Anyways... Blessings πŸ˜€
  4. I thought as much, thanks. Im just going to do that now. Could this feature prehaps be considered? It would be an easy one to include I would imagine? (although I have no idea in reality haha) It also would save me having space disapear on my cloud storage which I forget about haha =D @Jason Carr thought to tag you, maybe you could include for future polls? Hope your well by the way my brother. Shalom =D
  5. Heya, I was wondering if there is a feature, to possibly delete updates which accumilate in the updates folder? I have around 3.5gb of update files accumalated over the last few months, and think this is way too much. There should be a feature which gives us the abililty to choose wether or not to delete them automatically and immediatley after install. Or to choose automatically but after a few weeks, a month or two months, or something like that. Maybe the ability to only keep official and not beta as well maybe? Can someone maybe help if there is ucha feature? Thanks in advance =D
  6. No worries, thanks for your help thus far πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  7. To be honest its only dreamcast games I want to emulate out of all demul has to offer currently, plus I dont mind paying the $5 as it works out to be Β£4 for me and that isnt much considering. Demul is a pain I find, I managed to set it up but it is just so needy haha. Already just testing redream a little though, it just feels better, oh and I like the fact you don't need a bios. On that note however, would you happen to know how to dump/rip my own bios from a dreamcast using the SD card adaptors by any chance? I didn't do much research yet, but just if you knew of the top of your head, or anyone else reading this?
  8. Thanks guys, I just found out you can buy an SD card adaptor for the dreamcast which allows you to dump your own games, so I bought one. I however noticed there wasnt one obvious emulator to go for, like there is for the gamecube and the playstation 2, So thanks a bunch ☺️
  9. Hey Guys, Just wondering what people find is the superior dreamcast emulator overall, for Windows 10?
  10. Im currently trying a mixture of FreeFileSync and cloud storage to do this. Its a bit of a faff though... Anyone else have ideas at all?
  11. @Jason Carr Something else I have noticed, for the last few updates the X button on my Xbox One controller no longer launches highlighted games instantly anymore? It still works in BigBox, but has stopped working in LaunchBox. I have checked the settings and they are set to how they where before...
  12. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.... I think I know why now, would this setting not update if I checked the box but then pressed the x instead of close at the bottom? It worked this time, but only after I made a new settings file, but i did the x first, nothing and then I saw the close button and thought lets try it, and it seems to have worked.... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  13. No translation, im in English. It says: <NoWelcomeVersion>9.10-beta-3</NoWelcomeVersion> Im on the official 9.10 now though, so not sure why it says beta?
  14. yeah im not touching it normally...
  15. I have just updated to latest offical release and exactly the same two times in a row?
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