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  1. Oops maybe I should call it notepad extension.
  2. Imistakenly assigned a Fe-uae ini to be opened in the nb. How do I remove it. I went through the hkey regedit but the extensions for my files are not showing up. I also checked to show the hidden files and still no finding of the extensions. Any ideas?
  3. Can I run Retroarch in multiple places. I have Retroarch On my external drive with my games? But I wouldlike to keep the smaller consoles and the computer games on my C:\ Is it possible to do that? For the Amiga for example? FS-UAE and FS-Uae IDUU
  4. I tried it shortened and it wouldn't take it.
  5. When I try to select any items with my mouse refuses to stop scrolling Any ideas? Thanks
  6. I have a problem with my mouse keeps scrolling when I try to pick the option it scrolls away. It does this in game ex also and I went to the mouse settings and disabled it from working on inactive windows and it's still doing it. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. I got my games working on FS-UAE but how do I get the Artwork in. I know LaunchBox has many games but for the life of me, I can't get it to wqrk with fs-uae. I specified the fs-uae emulator but it just says loading and returns me back to launch-box. Also the part and purpose of a database, I'm a bit sketchy on. Do I need to be using that? Where would I put it?
  8. I put launchbox on my R Drive where my games are kept? Can I also put a Launchbox installation on the c drive? Also am I better of creating two forks for fs-uae one for the configs premade, and another emulator for my own configs in the emulator section?\ Also I bought a license for LaunchBox but I copied it to my Launchbox on R and nothing happened, and on the video I've been working with he puts it on C and it installs some files to other places so can I have it running on more than 1 drive?
  9. You forgot to add fs-uae. Does mutually exclusive mean we should run a separate copy of the emulator with a variation difference and can multiple instances of LaunchBox be run accessing different directories for purposes? For example I have been working through this tutorial and https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=LaunchBox+setup+emulators&view=detail&mid=DD334DAE657EF3CE4447DD334DAE657EF3CE4447&FORM=VIRE both of these explain how to setup Launchbox, but my copy is on my R: directory and I pasted my license I just bought into that directory but it is not recognizing it. All of my roms for various systems are on that HD. but my Amiga roms are on the 😄 drive should I install a 2nd instance of launchbox on my 😄 drive? Will it affect the installation on the r:drive? Thanks in advance
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