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  1. Hey Toxic, I asked around and someone suggested something (see link below) but I haven't tried it. Personally I think I've changed my mind on the LCD screen, I also think that may only effect PC builds. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,161076.0.html
  2. Thanks for the info on the marquee I will mess with the xaml file. I guess I’ll have to dig more into the shooter game issue. Does launchbox have a option for the marquee screen or is it just big box?
  3. Hi! So I have a LCD marquee screen that I'm having a few issues with. First, when it comes to shooting games, since the marquee screen acts as a second screen on my PC, whenever I shoot close to the edge of the main screen (depending on where the marquee screen is positioned in windows display settings) it minimizes my game. Took me a while to figure out why it was doing that but its because the mouse pointer thinks I want to access the marquee screen therefore, it minimizes the emulator. Has anyone had this issue or have a solution to this? The second issue is that the marquee art d
  4. Hoping for some help here. I found numerous posts on the web about people having similar issues as me but never got anything to work. My wiimote is connected to the mayflash dolphin bar (mode 2) and I can use it as a mouse, but when I try to map the trigger button or make the crosshairs move nothing happens for any of my MAME emulator games. I have model 2 and super model working fine with the wiimote but getting it to work in MAMEUI64 nothing at all. I’ve made sure the MAME controller settings are set to mouse then tried keyboard since win10 thinks its a keyboard. Been working on this for al
  5. Wooohooo its working!!! it was the Direct X, Thank you again Retro808! Now onto Sega Model 3 and SuperModel lol
  6. I think I came across that thread as well, while googling, I do recall seeing something about direct x. I will give those links a try later and see if it works. Thanks for your help.
  7. When I load a rom, its crashes instantly and gives me the "emulator2.exe has stopped working" window and my only option then is to close program and restart it.
  8. Well still having issues I did try to run this on my main gaming rig with a GTX 1080ti video card and same issue as my HP Prodesk in my 1up. I'm running Win 10 on both are there any known issues with that running on 10? what about Direct X versions?
  9. The UI loads fine but my options aren't much other then selecting load rom or to check or uncheck load in full screen. I assume the other options in the UI will work once it actually loads a rom.
  10. I do not have any resolution set (that I know of) I don't even see a option to do that in SM2 emu except switch to full screen. Also I never got it to load so there wasnt a ini created.
  11. Thanks for all the help Headrush, much appreciated. I think I'm going to try to get at least 1 game working in model2 to rule out that the emulator itself isn't the issue,
  12. I have tried daytona but I get a files missing window which seems fixable if I get all the files. I really just want the HOTD working as I'm putting a lightgun on my arcade 1up. Are there any other emulators out there that will work with sega model 2 and 3? I've seen mention of one called supermodel, but I think it only works in a command prompt window.
  13. Hotd loads in mame just not correctly so the rom works just not in It’s a hp prodesk mini so it’s not a separate card and not sure what it is but it runs everything pretty good. Have steam on there and play pc games on it as well.
  14. okay I do not have a hotd.dat in navdat. Maybe cuase I haven't opened it successfully in SM2 yet for it to write one? Also changed the forced managed to 1 in the ini and still same thing. Also I looked in the HOTD.zip and there only a bunch of numbered files types, is that all that supposed to be in this rom? Is there another emulator (launchbox friendly) that will do both Sega model 2 and 3?
  15. It crashes as soon as I double click the house of the dead from the menu within the m2emulator. I will give this all a try when I get home tonight and report back to you. Thanks!
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