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  1. Wooohoo got it working! I just changed the video mode per rom to OpenGL and boom all working again. Thank you my friend!
  2. Okay new clue so I can get them to work when I set them in windowed mode within MAME. As soon as I remove it from that to start full screen it’s crashes MAME.
  3. I have the path ROMs set. I see all my games. I did play with the video settings once but swear I changed things back to how they were. At least I assumed i did since all but 5 of my ROMs still play. Does Bally midway get weird in video settings?
  4. okay so I tried running rampage in MAMEUI and it does the same thing, but this time it causes MAME to crash. MAME also shows its as a working rom.
  5. Trying to figure out the MAME UI is pretty confusing to say the least lol Not sure how to use it but thanks for knowledge!
  6. Yes that is in there. These were working once, so something happened at one point that made them stop. I've removed all the zips and re-added to see if that worked and nothing. I'm going to test run these thru MAME only tonight to rule out Launchbox.
  7. Thats a good idea, I will have to check when I get home later. I'll report back. With these midway games I know they require the missio.zip or whatever its called to run, anyone know what a good site is to use for reference to see what roms need these particular zip files to run? maybe I've delete something I wasnt supposed to. Its just weird that only these games stopped working.
  8. Not sure when it happened maybe after the LaunchBox update but they were working at one point. Games like rampage, tapper, spy hunter, tron, pigskin football. I’ve googled my ass off and can’t really find anything. Anyone have issues with this games? When I try to load in LB or BB just the loading screen and then black screen for 2 seconds then back to BB or LB.
  9. Lol yup that was it thanks. Weird that game can’t pull media. Is there a way to manually scrape and search ROMs for media?
  10. Title says it all. For example wwfmania.zip won’t import into launch box says 0 files imported. It doesn’t show in the list at all. But when I run big box it’s there and playable. It has absolutely no media attached to it. There are quite a few others that are same story. Any ideas?
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