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  1. Can also report the same. It can take up to a minute per game for me now when i try and scrape The good part is that its making me play more of my games than sorting them 😛
  2. Hi all, I've run into an odd snag. So I have started to set up xbox games on my launchbox and been converting a well known HDD set over to iso files from folders. As I was going along I tested each disc in xemu and they worked, all until I got to the letter F. Any of the ones beyond this and Xemu just gives me the "Insert Xbox disc" error. I've tried other tools as well and no luck. I guess my question is has anyone else had issues, or if they were able to convert everything? At least then I can rule out it being the set that is busted. I've used the same settings and all so I'm at a loss as to what could suddenly be wrong. Cheers UPDATE: So I tried to replace the HDD file again with a fresh one and now it works. It seems that over time it gets filled up? corrupted? or something and will not boot any "new" titles. I don't know exactly what is wrong, but if someone else gets this issue try replacing your HDD image with a fresh one. Not sure how this affects saves from games though
  3. While you can set the d-pad to analogue option, it does not take advantage of it being analogue so might not be ideal for games that use it. It will just map the d-pad to the stick, which works ok for some games if you prefer that of course. Personally what I do is I have the default PS1 controller set to the Standard Controller, then when I boot a game that supports Dual Shock I just change the type of controller over and then save a per-game config for that game so that next time I boot it up it will automatically have the supported controller enabled. Having said that some early analogue games had terrible implementation so I stick with standard controller for those, examples that pop to mind are the later Tomb Raider games. I way prefer just d-pad for that.
  4. RAs controller settings can be one of the more confusing parts of RA. The settings in the quick menu is just for selecting which controller to emulate, so if you want to emulate a standard PS1 controller or a Dual Shock for example. Then you can also reassign buttons and such there. Which physical controller you want to be P1 etc, is in the main RA controller settings menu (not the quick menu). With Xbox One controllers though it should all be pretty automatic since the default mapping should all kick in. Is it not working? If not then all I can think of is that you got some special settings applied somewhere for the rest of your set up which is causing issue? or if you got arcade sticks connected those might get defaulted to be P1, P2 etc. but yeah, the Retroarch main menu controller settings should allow you to change which pad you want.
  5. The beetle core need a bios for the region that the game comes from, so on that list if you are playing Japan, Europe and North American games then you will need the top three. The bottom two seem like they are other options, if you got either of those then you don't need the top three? at least that is what it seems like to me. I've not tried the bottom two so I got no idea
  6. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what you want to do and how much you care about certain things. Personally I use Retroarch cores whenever available unless the core is just not as compatible as a stand alone emulator. The main reason for me is that since I use Big Box a lot and game with a gamepad it just makes the whole process much more seamless since Retroarch's menus are excellent to navigate with a controller. Also I find that RA has such an easy way to make per-game configs on the fly, built in retro achievements, quick and easy disc swapping via m3u support, remapping controls per game etc. Most of this stuff can all be done by just using the controller too. The interface is also nice and clean (using the switch style) and matches my Big Box look so it all seems like it's part of the same system. But in terms of compatibility between the best cores and the best stand alone ones, I don't know if there is much noticeable difference for the average user. In the end it really comes down to preference and what specific needs you might have for any given system Also recommend this site for checking which emulators/cores are recommended for certain systems etc. http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page When it comes to disc swapping I use m3u files and the beetle cores for both Saturn and PS1. https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx/ https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx_hw/ https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_saturn/
  7. Having same issue here, reverting that one thing in windows defender fixes it for now.
  8. Hi, Not specifically emulation, but related and maybe someone else on here is using this excellent joystick too. Especially for C64 and Amiga So until recently I have not had any problems with my Speedlink Competion Pro, but now it gets detected as a "Game Controller for Android" by windows instead, which makes it not work properly in various emulators etc. Link to controller: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Speedlink-Anniversary-Competition-Extra-Joystick/dp/B07K9N36GG I have tried to uninstall the device in the device manager, then turn off automatic driver installation and then reconnecting the controller. It still doesn't get detected properly. I have also asked the makers if they got drivers, but it's one of those plug and play devices and before you just plug it in and it was detected as a Speedlink fine until recently. Searching online has been fairly fruitless, but it does appear to be an issue for others as well however, with some forum posts and and entry going into the Simple Direct Media Layer github with some sort of workaround for windows 10: https://github.com/libsdl-org/SDL/commit/5c15e81cfbe473671bf6829039fbc927e2b0ad1c None of these mention any solution though I am on windows 8.1. So anyone else encountered this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi, yeah, I tried the compatibility modes and no luck. I moved to Retroarch cores for Jaguar and 3DO for now, not as compatible, but maybe once I get around to upgrading my PC this issue will go away. Cheers
  10. Cheers, but I just checked and nothing shows up in the log It's really strange. Double clicking the exe it doesn't even seem to appear in the task manager most of the time. Could some sort of windows update have screwed up something that the emulator depends on?
  11. Hey, I've been thinking of ditching Rocketlauncher finally (only used for some emulators, like Phoenix), but I've just noticed that Phoenix doesn't boot at all any more for me. Even when trying to manually boot the exe. Tried a fresh download as well. It's really strange since I had it working a few months ago and I haven't touched it since and now the emulator doesn't want to even start. It pops up in the task manager for a split second then vanishes. Anyone else had a similar issue? This launcher sounds like exactly what I need once I can just get the emulator to boot. haha Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm getting this issue as well. It just suddenly happened. Now random covers don't show up during coverflow in BB. All the images are there when you go into the games individually or in LB. Is there a cache folder somewhere I can delete that maybe is getting messed up or something? Did anyone get this solved? Quick update: I compared the Cache-BB folder in LB to a backup I did a week or so ago and I noticed that BB does seem to generate cache, but they appear as PNG/JPGs while the backup I have the cache is all just files with no extensions. Is this correct? Update again: I tried to copy the old cache I had and it fixes all the thumbnails and such, but any new ones that are created stop showing up.
  13. It would be a good feature to have though. Having been adding a lot of old computer roms recently, a fair few of them share names which forces me to go in and rename everything to make sure LB doesn't mix and match media for them. I don't remember if it was a feature that was on the list somewhere, but I also do seem to remember it being talked about or mentioned before, can't put my finger on where though.
  14. I've also noticed that it does tend to pick the same games and platforms to scroll through again and again. I swear some platforms I've never seen it randomly go into at all. I don't have any real data to back it up, but I got 50k+ games and I feel I'm seeing a very small percentage of them during attract mode. Not a massive issue for me though, but I have noticed it and thought I'd add my observations as well.
  15. Hi, I had a search around for this issue, but not found a good answer to it. So my home button has stopped doing anything while in Retroarch all of a sudden. It was working fine all this time, bringing the RA menu up and closing it. Today I noticed something odd where it would bring up the menu, but wouldn't close it again. I then was trying to find out what was going wrong and I noticed that the up and down on the analog sticks was inverted... so I went to reset all the keybinds to default, resulting in just all of them being unbound and I couldn't automatically rebind them (!?). I can manually rebind them which is fine, but home button still not working. The other weird thing is that I swear it used to come up with "Xbox 360 controller port 1" or whatever in the bottom left when RA boots, but now it just says "xinput device port 1". I'm kind of at a loss as to what happened. Haha, every other app on my PC has no issues seeing it as a 360 controller. I have been messing around with some settings for the new N64 Parallel core today, like fixing it so the c-buttons map independently but I didn't think I touched anything that would mess up the main menu controls.. but I could have accidentally flipped a switch somewhere. Anyone got any idea? or experienced anything similar with 360 pads? Cheers
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