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  1. Got a quick question on the 3D jewel cases, which are turning out to be amazing btw. Is it possible to change the jewel case type (European vs. North American) on a game by game basis? I could only find it on a system level right now. There are lots of games that are only one region for PS1 for example. Also the current 3D jewel case for European boxes don't seem to have the correct thickness. We got the chunky cases over here, and they also got a slight rounded feel. Same issue also goes for the multi-disc cases. Are Jewel case variants like this on the list somewhere? As always, thank to everyone for the amazing work. The 3D cases is shaping up to be one of my favorite new features
  2. Thanks, will have to give that a go
  3. Yeah, this is what I tried to do with MAME in RA, but I'm not able to get it working. I might just have to use standalone MAME for this instead. Cheers If anyone does know how to get it working in RA though, that would be great.
  4. Digging up this topic. Does anyone have a working set up of Game.com currently? I did have it working ages ago on the leaked official emulator, but for some reason that doesn't work anymore and I wanted to move it to run via Retroarch anyway. I've followed most guides I found (very few) and all I get is RA launching with just a black screen. Any help would be great, thanks
  5. I would second having other rating systems like PEGI and CERO on there. Also I would really like if there was a "Setting" field similar to what Mobygames have. Would be a great way to quickly make playlists for games covering settings like "WWII", "Fantasy", "Steampunk", "Historical" etc.
  6. Hi Model 3 fans, So I've gotten a new PC a little while ago and not gotten around to re-setting up Supermodel in LB. Now I can't get any version of it to work (old version 0.2a or the latest). If I try and open a game I get this error in the log file: [Info] Supermodel Version 0.3a-svn-881 [Info] Started as: [Info] argv[0] = D:\Supermodel\Supermodel.exe [Info] argv[1] = G:\0_Emulation\Arcade\Sega Model 3\daytona2.zip [Error] Unable to open 'Config/Supermodel.ini'. Configuration will not be loaded. [Error] Failed to parse Config/Games.xml (XML_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). [Error] Game and ROM set definitions could not be loaded! ROMs will not be detected. [Info] Opened G:\0_Emulation\Arcade\Sega Model 3\daytona2.zip. [Error] No complete Model 3 games found in 'G:\0_Emulation\Arcade\Sega Model 3\daytona2.zip'. It's very odd as both the Supermodel.ini and Games.xml files are in the Config folder. Also I tried to download and use the Supermodel UI from the folder and by using this to launch it it works without any problems, however I can't use this exe to launch them from Launchbox. Has anyone had this issue or know what could be wrong? Cheers (can't wait for the core in Retroarch haha) Update: Figured it out. The Config folder actually had to be in the folder with the roms. Kind of odd, not sure ive encountered that before. All works now though
  7. Oh, might be a problem with epsxe and that game then maybe? The cue sheet does look alright to me. Worth trying to play it in a different emulator to test and see if that is the case.
  8. What does the CUE file look like? Would you be able to copy/paste it here?
  9. Open the cue file in notepad and make sure the correct files are listed, and that they also aren't listed with some random path to them. Guide to check: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Cue_sheet_(.cue) Another potential issue is I'm not sure if epsxe likes cue/bin files when there are multiple bins? instead of all the bins compiled into one? (Been a long time since I've used this emulator so not sure). If it doesn't like multiple bins you need to use a program to compile them all into one bin. I used to mount the cue sheet and then ISObuster myself in the past.
  10. Can also report the same. It can take up to a minute per game for me now when i try and scrape The good part is that its making me play more of my games than sorting them 😛
  11. Hi all, I've run into an odd snag. So I have started to set up xbox games on my launchbox and been converting a well known HDD set over to iso files from folders. As I was going along I tested each disc in xemu and they worked, all until I got to the letter F. Any of the ones beyond this and Xemu just gives me the "Insert Xbox disc" error. I've tried other tools as well and no luck. I guess my question is has anyone else had issues, or if they were able to convert everything? At least then I can rule out it being the set that is busted. I've used the same settings and all so I'm at a loss as to what could suddenly be wrong. Cheers UPDATE: So I tried to replace the HDD file again with a fresh one and now it works. It seems that over time it gets filled up? corrupted? or something and will not boot any "new" titles. I don't know exactly what is wrong, but if someone else gets this issue try replacing your HDD image with a fresh one. Not sure how this affects saves from games though
  12. While you can set the d-pad to analogue option, it does not take advantage of it being analogue so might not be ideal for games that use it. It will just map the d-pad to the stick, which works ok for some games if you prefer that of course. Personally what I do is I have the default PS1 controller set to the Standard Controller, then when I boot a game that supports Dual Shock I just change the type of controller over and then save a per-game config for that game so that next time I boot it up it will automatically have the supported controller enabled. Having said that some early analogue games had terrible implementation so I stick with standard controller for those, examples that pop to mind are the later Tomb Raider games. I way prefer just d-pad for that.
  13. RAs controller settings can be one of the more confusing parts of RA. The settings in the quick menu is just for selecting which controller to emulate, so if you want to emulate a standard PS1 controller or a Dual Shock for example. Then you can also reassign buttons and such there. Which physical controller you want to be P1 etc, is in the main RA controller settings menu (not the quick menu). With Xbox One controllers though it should all be pretty automatic since the default mapping should all kick in. Is it not working? If not then all I can think of is that you got some special settings applied somewhere for the rest of your set up which is causing issue? or if you got arcade sticks connected those might get defaulted to be P1, P2 etc. but yeah, the Retroarch main menu controller settings should allow you to change which pad you want.
  14. The beetle core need a bios for the region that the game comes from, so on that list if you are playing Japan, Europe and North American games then you will need the top three. The bottom two seem like they are other options, if you got either of those then you don't need the top three? at least that is what it seems like to me. I've not tried the bottom two so I got no idea
  15. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what you want to do and how much you care about certain things. Personally I use Retroarch cores whenever available unless the core is just not as compatible as a stand alone emulator. The main reason for me is that since I use Big Box a lot and game with a gamepad it just makes the whole process much more seamless since Retroarch's menus are excellent to navigate with a controller. Also I find that RA has such an easy way to make per-game configs on the fly, built in retro achievements, quick and easy disc swapping via m3u support, remapping controls per game etc. Most of this stuff can all be done by just using the controller too. The interface is also nice and clean (using the switch style) and matches my Big Box look so it all seems like it's part of the same system. But in terms of compatibility between the best cores and the best stand alone ones, I don't know if there is much noticeable difference for the average user. In the end it really comes down to preference and what specific needs you might have for any given system Also recommend this site for checking which emulators/cores are recommended for certain systems etc. http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page When it comes to disc swapping I use m3u files and the beetle cores for both Saturn and PS1. https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx/ https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx_hw/ https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_saturn/
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