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  1. Oh, that's probably it then. What a bizarre restriction. I will change over to Dinput and try that then Cheers EDIT: That worked. Thanks! Very annoying restriction for xinput, but at least dinput does the job
  2. Hi I've got a strange problem where Retroarch only detects 4 controllers on my PC. Windows itself and other programs find them fine and they all work, but when I start Retroarch I get the messages in the bottom left corner xinput 1-4, but then it stops. I tried increasing the number of supported controllers in the menu, but still can only detect 4. Anyone have any idea? I swear I had this working a while back, but that was a much older version of RA. Cheers guys!
  3. I think this would be a great idea. Something I have thought would be nice myself Recently with the release of the Genesis/Mega Drive mini I would love to see something similar to that implemented! Where you can on the fly change the region and it will change the name/boxart/info/release etc. by doing so and also changes which one is the game version you launch. I find this kind of information very interesting myself and it's a fun "museum" way of displaying games. Found a video which shows off the region changing:
  4. Hi all, I've stumbled onto a strange problem. A couple of games in my LB collection keeps starting again and again if I quit it. For example: I start Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed on PS1 and when I quit the game, LB automatically boots the game up again and this keeps happening until I close LB or BB. I can't see any particular options that would cause this. Other games do not have this problem and I've only had it only happen on a couple of PS1 games. Anyone experienced anything like this? It's very confusing Cheers! Edit: Just to clarify that I can reproduce it every time with the games that it happens on. I might try and re-import them to see if that fixes it, but just very bizarre problem. Edit 2: Soooo just tried to reimport it and it now doesn't happen. Maybe I pressed some setting somewhere? Very confusing... might not be any point in this thread now 😛 haha
  5. I put the issue to side since I couldn't get it to work My backup plan would be to just use another standalone emulator for those specific games, but not gotten around to do it since I was hoping it would get resolved. I have not tested it recently so if you find a solution please share
  6. Hi, I got an issue that is related to this issue I think. So I got WinVice set up for C64 emulation and want to create a way to play as many games as possible via only the gamepad. Some games use keyboard keys for certain functions and I want to set up unique JoyToKey profiles for those games and then have a "default" C64 profile that is loaded for any games that don't have specific keys. Ideally I could just select all the C64 games and add additional apps to start/end a profile, then edit the specific games with unique profiles where needed. Anyone found a way to do this? Cheers
  7. If there was an option to turn on that once the loading was finished it would wait for the player to press A for example that would allow one to have a glance at the controls first. I would also like to have some basic game info on the loading screen if possible. Like extracts from the manual, controls etc. Not sure how feasable that is though with the emulator booting in the background and stuff. If not possible then its not a biggie since it will hopefully be on the pause screen, just one of those "would be nice" things
  8. Personally I don't care about fading, if it did just a hard switch to the game that's perfect for me. Any work that can hide any emulator windows during the transition would be nice but not a must for me. Not important really. I only use them on Vectrex games currently via Retroarch and any future bezels I might use will probably be in MAME or RA for me. I'd like the screen to have some basic info about the games controls. Show custom fanart (maybe multiple that can fade while a game is loading/unzipping). A Loading bar. Ability to turn on a prompt to start the game (instead of it auto-starting once it's loaded). Able to view controls/manuals/maps. Ability to change disk/disc etc. Also slight comment regarding on how the manuals are currently controlled, I would love for the move/zoom could be mapped smoothly onto the analogue sticks like it's done in many modern games and such. Currently moving is fine, but zooming in is a bit clunky. Would also be nice if the pause screen remembered where it was when you unpause so that you can quickly flick back and forth between the game. I can see this being very useful when viewing a games map for example. Ability to view retro-achievements. View current game session time (and maybe a total time played). Save-states could be nice (with screenshot), even though I don't use them often myself, but I can see this being one of those things that break all the time. Quit game. EDIT: Also very specific request, but maybe someone else would feel the same way. If Pause could be mapped to the xbox home/guide button. Currently I got that mapped up in Retroarch for opening the XMB (which is great), but obviously could cause a conflict. So if there was a way to add an option to open the XMB/home screen on Retroarch on the Pause screen instead. That way I wouldn't need to map yet another weird button combo to open that separately.
  9. Hi retrofolks, So I'm currently looking at setting up C64 properly on my setup but I'm finding it hard to find a good legit list of actual published games. There is one that seems decent on wikipedia, but I see games on there that (as far as I know) are not legit titles, but hacks/homebrew (720 Part 2 for example), and there are titles that are missing from the list (Hard 'n' Heavy for example). Has anyone imported a C64 set and managed to get a good list of actually published games? I know this is not easy since things were a lot looser back then and blurred lines etc. Just any of the sets you get online has 20,000+ games and soooo much of them are homebrew, hacks and such, and at least to start with I'd just like to limited the games to more "legit" games. Cheers
  10. I tried any other button and I can't get the zoom in/out to work at all No matter which button I assign, might just have to Joytokey it I think.
  11. Hi, Up until now I'm mainly just used one region of art for my games, but I would like to have multiple region box art for example. I can download them and they all go in the right folders, but when viewing the game it only shows my preferred regions box art. Even when going to view the game images. I would like to sometimes compare a games box art and such I tried to switch the top priority region as a test and that changes which box art is selected, but then hides the old one. Is this correct or is something wrong on my setup? Is there a way to browse all the game images? or have I flipped a toggle at some point somewhere that turn it off? Cheers EDIT: Also wondering if there is a way to override it on a per-game basis? For example I find that I prefer European covers for the most part, but there are times I would prefer the NA cover and it would be nice to be able to tag an image as a preferred choice to override the region setting.
  12. Hi retro folks, I'm in the process of trying to switch anything I can over to Retroarch recently and was wondering if anyone have been able to get high scores for arcade games to work properly in Retroarch MAME? Also given the rather large selection of arcade games, does anyone know if there are any issues with certain games on the RA cores? My MAME set is quite old btw, it's a 0.161 set so would that cause issues? Cheers
  13. I've messed around a bit with both Atomiswave and Naomi the past couple of days while all of these updates have been happening. I've found that as of yesterday at least I had problems getting a good selection of Atmoiswave games to run via the MAME version, but the bin/lst versions work fine so the tutorials isn't completely obsolete I would say. Naomi games though have a set list at the moment of games that work with the reicast core (I don't think there are any Naomi 2 games on it, but I could be wrong since I'm not too familiar with these arcade machines). I used the list I found here and as far as I could tell all of the ones in here worked for me (from MAME set): https://github.com/libretro/reicast-emulator/blob/master/core/hw/naomi/naomi_roms.h
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