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  1. Hi, I'm getting this issue as well. It just suddenly happened. Now random covers don't show up during coverflow in BB. All the images are there when you go into the games individually or in LB. Is there a cache folder somewhere I can delete that maybe is getting messed up or something? Did anyone get this solved? Quick update: I compared the Cache-BB folder in LB to a backup I did a week or so ago and I noticed that BB does seem to generate cache, but they appear as PNG/JPGs while the backup I have the cache is all just files with no extensions. Is this correct? Update again: I tried to copy the old cache I had and it fixes all the thumbnails and such, but any new ones that are created stop showing up.
  2. It would be a good feature to have though. Having been adding a lot of old computer roms recently, a fair few of them share names which forces me to go in and rename everything to make sure LB doesn't mix and match media for them. I don't remember if it was a feature that was on the list somewhere, but I also do seem to remember it being talked about or mentioned before, can't put my finger on where though.
  3. I've also noticed that it does tend to pick the same games and platforms to scroll through again and again. I swear some platforms I've never seen it randomly go into at all. I don't have any real data to back it up, but I got 50k+ games and I feel I'm seeing a very small percentage of them during attract mode. Not a massive issue for me though, but I have noticed it and thought I'd add my observations as well.
  4. Hi, I had a search around for this issue, but not found a good answer to it. So my home button has stopped doing anything while in Retroarch all of a sudden. It was working fine all this time, bringing the RA menu up and closing it. Today I noticed something odd where it would bring up the menu, but wouldn't close it again. I then was trying to find out what was going wrong and I noticed that the up and down on the analog sticks was inverted... so I went to reset all the keybinds to default, resulting in just all of them being unbound and I couldn't automatically rebind them (!?). I can manually rebind them which is fine, but home button still not working. The other weird thing is that I swear it used to come up with "Xbox 360 controller port 1" or whatever in the bottom left when RA boots, but now it just says "xinput device port 1". I'm kind of at a loss as to what happened. Haha, every other app on my PC has no issues seeing it as a 360 controller. I have been messing around with some settings for the new N64 Parallel core today, like fixing it so the c-buttons map independently but I didn't think I touched anything that would mess up the main menu controls.. but I could have accidentally flipped a switch somewhere. Anyone got any idea? or experienced anything similar with 360 pads? Cheers
  5. damn, thx for reply By this point Id say the PS4 version will be playable in an emulator before the PS2 one 😛
  6. Just out of curiosity, has anyone been able to get Primal working well yet? That game is painfully slow for some reason.
  7. From my experience I found that by far the most accurate is using the non-HW version. When I was setting my PS1 games up and did find some games that did not look right and had some minor graphical bugs when using the HW core, even with everything on default. Overall on my setup every game is defaulted to boot using the non-HW core with only 2x resolution enabled. Gives that PS1 feeling while still looking not too crazy pixelated on a 50" TV. There is one exception to this, that is a game called Monkey Hero. From the research I was doing at the time I found that only epsxe would get past the loading screen to that game (possibly pcsx would do it as well, but not tried it). But yeah, apparently that game is doing something really funky in its code which makes it not work on the beetle cores.
  8. Shame, but understandable. At the end of the day you gotta do what makes financial sense, especially in these crazy times
  9. Ok, I think I got it working. I tried to delete everything WHDload in the Saves directory, including some folders RA must have made when I was messing about and after that it now works!
  10. Yep, checked the MD5 checksum to match what it states and tried both with the HDF file in the system and without. The guide/readme seems to now state you don't need to have it anymore and that it creates it automatically into your saves folder, which it seems to have done for me. Got both WHDLoad.hdf and WHDSaves.hdf in the Saves directory now.
  11. Hi, so I think I've followed the readme/guide correctly, but to be honest it is quite confusing with sections crossed out and things not being very clear. So currently I can load ADF files no problem, but when I try to load HDF files (from the Internet Archive set) I get the black screen with red flashing "software failure" screen. Any chance you can share the settings you got and how you managed to get it to work? Cheers EDIT: Also tested the WHD set I got working in Win-UAE and same error. btw, tested Amiga CD32 games and they run fine. I got a feeling I must be missing one step somewhere
  12. Oh, I did not see the readme on there. I checked the libretro documentation, but couldn't find anything there. Sweet, I will check that out Good to hear it has improved! Cheers
  13. Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows if Amiga has gotten better in RA now? I currently got a set working with WinUAE already set up in LB, but would rather have everything set up within RA if possible (I recently swapped my C64 games over to it and it works like a dream!). Just finding it almost impossible to find any good tutorials or anything about how to do it, which is very odd. Some fiddling around I was able to boot the kickstart, but both HDF and WHD games don't seem to load for me. So yeah, wondering if anyone has it up and working inside RA now? and if they know of a good guide online? Cheers!
  14. I figured it out. Turns out that it seems like it was checking for a VMU to save in and not the keyboard. To make it work make sure that in the Options --> Per-Game VMU is set to "All VMUs".
  15. I followed the video Libretro put out on their youtube channel: It's rather odd. Anyone else able to check if it works on theirs?
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