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  1. Hi faeran, thanks a lot for the time you take to troubleshoot the problem ! I also have the same issue that Hifihedgehog mentionned when you have only one system configured. When I configure a lot of systems, there is no more problem. I think I know where the problem comes from.... I've tested on a Windows 10 PC with Microsoft Visual C++ ; Microsoft .NET Core SDK 3.1 ; Microsoft .NET SDK 5.0 ; and Microsoft .NET Framework installed. I wanted to install the exact version on both PC (Windows 7 and Windows 10). In Windows 7 I installed the 4.8 version of .NET Framework, but in Windows 10, wh
  2. Maybe I miss something in my installed programs... I have DirectX, C++, Net Framework installed. Does it need a specific programs to run well?
  3. I did what you mentionned, I unblocked the zip file and unzipped it again, then copied to my Theme folder, but it is the same..... I verified that all my DLLs are unblocked and that's the case.....
  4. Also I have another error message when I am in the Platform selection page (see picture). I think that the problem comes from my computer, it seems to be a Visual C++ error or something like that.... Once I select the platform, I have the first error message that I sent you....
  5. All views do the same error message, when I select my previous theme (Griddle Theme) it's working well! With this POC theme, it has always the same error when selecting a platform
  6. Hi faeran, Here is the picture, sorry somme text is in French
  7. Very beautiful theme!!! But I have an error when choosing this theme.... It says "Input string was not in a correct format" I am in Windows 7 64 bits, with Microsoft Visual C++ installed. If you have any idea ^^ Thanks!
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