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  1. Hmm this might be an ok workaround for me. If you hide all games of a platform, the whole platform is hidden... i only tested this in launchbox
  2. I like that idea! This might be a feasible concept. Do you know if hiding also acts on the bigbox attract mode? Great idea, party mode is too appealing, this could work 🙂
  3. i was just About to request this as a feature in Bitbucket, before i did a search 🙂 simple solution… why didnt i find that myself? Maybe it is too absurd to not have the back button next to the other Options... I bet it will not be the last time discussing this… but Maybe some users remain frustrated without Looking into the Forums...
  4. you mean that would be a bad thing? no really, take this example: I have in my Collection an Adult platform where i keep some interesting dirty pron stuff from mame (strictly only for histroric preservation reasons! never would even look into such) - now when there are Kids i do not want them to be able to access those games - when i have guets over i do not want them to appear during attract mode - i would like a switch to hide "hidden" games completely out of Launchbox/Big Box if there is no such feature and probably not wanted by the community, do you have an
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