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  1. Great tool and great help, thanx! I could make an video on this, but i dont know if peeps want that
  2. Ok thanx I will examen this, it would be great if this could be more easy and integrated with LB with a link in the xml file like the rest of the images
  3. thanx for the reply ah cool! but i never noticed it, so maybe its an idea to have this next the other buttons
  4. Sometimes doing things in LB i want to take back 1 step, so why isnt there any back button here? Maybe this can be a inserted... hope it will
  5. Hi there I've just moved the image folder to another erea on the drive because it's getting a little big and for backup the launchbox directory it's much faster to compress (backup) excluding the image folder. The only thing is, when launching Launchbox again a cache of images will be processed which is fine, but i can't move the folder.. I've looked into the 'data' folder and editing xml files but there is no entry to adjust the cache folder... BigBox.exe.config and LaunchBox.exe.config are also inspected. So question is: how can i move the cache folder outside the launchbox folder?
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