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  1. OK cool. I managed to find a file explorer app that works on the latest shield upgrade. So I'll look into removing the files from the shield this weekend. I managed to get deream working outside launchbox,only really tired the main nintendo ones so I'll mess around this weekend. So I'll have to check on it all again,i have been messing around with movies and TV shows to keep the wife happy. But launchbox is next on the list. Thanks Jason good to know its not storage issues.
  2. Only existing issue is setting up launchbox but I see your above quote so I see if that helps. The main issue I was having was my 8tb drive was slow and once I filled it up it just cut out more and more. I have now found a 1tb external which is meant for TV shows on kodi and I hope to get launchbox working too. But when I tried it I just got a black screen when selecting a game,so I'm assuming the pathway is causing an issue. But I was unclear on how to remove the unbroken folder on my shield so that LB launches from my external. I have managed to make uses of my 8tb and a plex account for my movies tho so it's kinda working out.. Just need launchbox now, was gutted that I needed to be accepted for the shield free game thing guess I missed the boat on that. Hope that a little bit clearer Jason..
  3. Just a bit of forum therapy... Wife is giving Me glazed look... OK got my shield.. Its so tiny!!! Hooked up my 8tb seagate (backup drive) Ignored the slow drive warning formatted drive to internal, set up shield added kodi etc.. Figured out how to file share and transfered some show..smb thingy But then fired up kodi once I had a bunch of shows on the drive.. And it got slow.. Black screen etc.. Slow drive was haunting me.. Died a little inside.. So I started over reformatted the 8tb and I'm now making that my pc storage.. Found a 1tb ssd which is work has external so far.. Made a plex server so I have my TV shows and movies on kodi from the USB and movies on plex.. Started messing around with my android packet (should of walked away...) I have on my desktop for my phone. Added that to my 1tb USB and it extracts the file (gba) but then black screen.. I'm assuming that the shield is seeing two paths one on the USB and one on the internal. I downloaded the app from Google and added the android folder from my pc. How can I get it set right. I have seen a lot of videos where a app is used to move files and delete files inside files called es explorer but that apps gone now.. So how can I set the path up.. Its be a long weekend.. Please help, give me a win lol.
  4. Mu144

    Over filled my box..

    Was messing around with the android app last night, bit a fresh install but was missing all imagines. So before work today I scrapped all game imagines on my main launchbox incase that was the issue. Just got home to a crash report, ran out of space on my drive mid scrap I'm guessing. can't restart launchbox at all, made space and currently making more but it's still showing zero bytes.?
  5. I had this issue, the setup needs to be x input and it should work fine.
  6. OK but it I did format it and just transfered and updated via a network share from my hardwired laptop and hardwired shield. Seen a video on this but not tired it.. Assuming it's possible.. But the other way.. if I unplug and update when needed and its just an external storage will kodi and launchbox work OK, I'm assuming I'll have some files issue this way..pathways and duplicated files on internal and external... Or is it just a case of installing kodi and launchbox app on the external first.? I'm guessing a file share via network is much more streamline but will come with its own problems.. Just looking for the easier problem free way.
  7. We only have one TV, so I don't plan on buying a second shield, but I was wondering what is the best way to go about it. I will need to remove the drive to add games LB app or update my movies via pc. The method I used now is kodi on my laptop and a hdmi lead to my TV. So it's easy to update my kodi files.. But my laptop just can't handle launchbox remember me from discord Neil... So I thought a shield would be best now Jason added this app verson of launchbox. Also I said steam games but it will most likely be the free stuff out the box,if I understand how a shield works that it.. I thought if I brought games on steam I could just install them on the shield and never even play them on my laptop.. Anyway I don't plan on buying any just yet.. Haha yet...
  8. Should be getting my shield in the next couple of days. I have 8tb ready to add to it.. Its a backup seagate I have seen its 'slow' in videos to late now I have it.. but I'm hoping itshould be Fine for my plans.. But I'm wondering is it best to add it to the system storage or have it removable? I plan to us it purely for kodi base build and launchbox and the free steam games. I have maxed my 3tb out so I know I will need to move everything over via a network share (totally new to me...) Or a simple transfer of files. But I'm unsure if the drive can be removed once it's formatted to the shield.. Feels like a weekend of headache eitherway.. Throw in a 8 Yr with a fortnite addiction and I'm suiting up for hell.. Help...
  9. OK cool. I just have to see how kodi likes it too. Should be fun or just a royal pain in the ass..
  10. Thanks Jason, I'm assuming you have other folders than just launchbox app (LBA) So I could just get a shield and plug my drive in I have now, or will it ask to format.... Hmm I guess I just got get one and try it.. I bet I'll need a new drive to set it up then migrate it all over after. I'm shocked you can't run two drives from a shield tho.
  11. Currently looking at getting a shield Most probably black Friday. Just doing some research before hand. Am I right in thinking I could set up 2 external drives, one for kodi and one for launchbox app? Will the android packet produced by LB, Work form a shared harddrive with my kodi file's. (If I chose just one drive for now till bigbox is add to the LB app. ) I currently only have 600gb of games but I'm assuming a shield can handle DC and cube and 64 perfectly fine.? Just looking for some advice from anyone with this set up running. Is there a drive size limit, can you have 2 drives etc. O and is there a format issue. Thanks.
  12. Just added some new titles to my ds favourites collection on launchbox. Then Over wrote from my pc to phone. Installed the packet but all the new games are missing the box art? Should I of removed the system and then copied the new packet over first. Why was the scrap not complete. What could I do next time. EDIT. removed the system from the app, and was prompted to remove imagines too. Then reatalled the packet and everything was fine. Easy fix.
  13. A possible to emulate list inside the app would be handy to cover this maybe.
  14. Awesome work on the latest update Jason. Any chance you can tweak the the android Tab with a delete function too. Still seeing a range of non game apps.
  15. Mu144

    Best Android pad??

    Yeah he's reviewed a couple, I think the Glap was his pick but that's pricey. It seems most pads are not set up for nintendo platforms either. I'll look looking for my unicorn
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