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  1. Lock and Unlock for me. But it's also very nice and useful to have Hide option too ?
  2. @Jason Carr Hello Mr. Jason, Thank you for your reply Sir, I do know how to change the keyboard symbols colors. What I'm trying to change is the "Highlight/ Select" Color. Here's a screenshot for more clarification Do I miss something on how to change it or you can implement the possibility for that in a future update like the other objects? (Hopefully soon, please!) PS: please excuse my English Sir, still learning! ? Many thanks again and Best regards.
  3. Welcome Mr. Faeran! A big fan of you and your amazing work! ?
  4. @Jason Carr and @C-Beats Hello, Any updates on these issues, please? Thanks in advance and best regards to everyone.
  5. Thank you so much Mr. Retro808! How I missed this file! It's really embarrassing. I'm very sorry! I hope we can change the rest objects as simple as this! I edited the original post to remove this one that you solved for me ? Many thanks again good Sir!
  6. Hello Mr. Neil and Thank you so much for the information and the support! Greatly appreciated Sir ? Respectfully.
  7. Hello again Sir, Yes, I know about the Community Theme Creator for BigBox. I watched a video for Mr. faeran (an amazing themes creator here!) using it to create an incredible theme. It was a live stream and it was amazing! I tried it, didn't figure it out. It's beyond my basic and humble skills currently. Still, thank you so much for trying to help me in any way possible. Maybe someone will guide me to solve this final issue I have to finalise the theme. I still have hope. Oh, Also, Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm trying my best to enhance my English ? Best Regards!
  8. Hello Mr. Koroth, Yes, I know about that Sir. I made a copy of the Default theme folder and renamed it so I can edit it. The only issue I have is I can't change some of the BigBox boxes and submenus as you can see from the pictures above. I changed literally every single color value in every single XAML file and these boxes and submenus didn't change their color. I want to change their color to have a cohesive theme no matter what you click or go. So far, these are the only boxes/ submenus (see the pictures above) that I couldn't change their colors. I hope I can get any help or info from the developer/ community about this issue so I can finally complete the theme. PS: Please excuse my English if I did any mistake. It's not my native language and I'm still learning it at school. Many Thanks again and Best Regards to everyone.
  9. At least any information about why we can't change them or can we change them in a future update?
  10. Hello Everyone, Please, Is there a way to change these BigBox menus select colors. I changed every single color value on every single XAML file, but none of these menus color has changed. I want to change these colors to make the theme more cohesive and less jarring (color wise) since I use these menus a lot. Many Thanks in advance for any help and Best Regards to All.
  11. Hehe. It's a custom. I respect good people. Yes, I am enjoying the new features. You gentlemen are amazing! Unfortunately, I still have one issue preventing me from posting the theme though. It's these three BigBox boxes. I wanted to change the highlight color. I changed every single color on every single XAML file, but none of these box's color has changed. Is it possible to change their color? Please tell me if we can change them so I post about this on XAML Tips and Tricks as suggested by Mr. Retro808 previously. Many Thanks again for any help ?
  12. Thank you so much Good Sir! I was able to change everything like playlist spacing value and font family (I just added the FontFamily="example") to the TextBlock ? Everything you guys did are way better than adding an option to disable playlists clear logos. I mean the possibilities are endless now! You guys are genius! ? I can't thank you enough Mr. C-Beats and everyone who helped me with this learning journey ? The theme is completed now all thanks to you guys, and I'll credit every single one who helped me to complete it. And I'll surely keep adding to it and enhance it since I'll use it myself as my main theme. Many Thanks again, especially to you Mr. C-Beats! Best wishes and best regards to everyone.
  13. OMG! I wish I checked earlier! (I almost gave up. this is why I didn't check earlier) I'll give it a try and confirm. Thank you so much Mr. C-Beats!!!
  14. Hello again everyone, I didn't want to talk about this, but here's my situation: I'm only 16 yo and I'm building the XAML theme by watching videos and reading articles here and there (kind of monkey see, monkey do situation TBH) and what make it worse is English is not my native language and I have to translate to understand what to do. That's the situation my friends. I swear it's not because of laziness... etc.... So please if anyone has spare time to help me with this final step to complete the theme, I'll be very grateful. And of course I'll credit everyone helped me build this theme. Many thanks again and best regards to all.
  15. Hello All, Can anyone help me by editing this file so I can have the Wheel without clear logos? All I want is a wheel with white text instead of clear logos. I'll greatly appreciate it if anyone has spare time to edit it for me, I'm asking with all respect, of course Many thanks in advance and best regards to all. PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml
  16. Hello C-Beats, Thank you so much for all the help good Sir. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, it didn't work or I get errors Is it OK if uploaded the file for you when the final release comes out and edit it for me when you have spare time please? My request is just a simple plain white colored text instead of clear logo (take all the time you want, of course. I can wait even for weeks after the final release) Please help a noob and Best Regards!
  17. Hello Retro808, Yes, I know about the default theme Anti-tamper protection stuff. I made a copy of it with a unique name and I edit this new unique name copy when I want to make changes to the theme. I wish anyone can post a simple, short guide here or upload an edited file(s) regarding hiding the Playlist Clear logos. I still have hope
  18. Hello, the request is resolved on BitBucket!: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5812/option-to-hide-disable-clear-logos-on Is it possible to do a simple tutorial for this using the "Default theme folder" (since it's the one I'm using to build the new theme) I mean, which XAML file(s) and which line(s) to edit? I'm sorry, but I'm still a novice in XAML stuff. A complete edited file(s) from the "Default theme folder" will be greatly appreciated if possible Many Thanks in advance for all the help and support!
  19. Thank you so mush Mr. Eric and everyone!
  20. Hello Sir, Thank you so much for your tests and confirmation! Is it possible to fix this issue in a future update? Thank you again.
  21. Hello again dears, I did more research and tests and I have something interesting to share. It seems if you name the playlist with a game genre name like: Strategy, Racing, Platform... etc.... it will get automatically and permanently populated with clear logos from an unknown source from Launchbox/ BigBox itself (a feature or a bug?) I discovered this when I made two new Playlists, one I named it "My Collection" and it didn't get any clear logo and one I named it "Horror" and it did get a clear logo automatically. And again, I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. Can anyone test this theory for me please? Just to be sure if it's something affects everyone or me only. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Hello Sir, I followed your instructions to the letter. 1- Both LB and BB are closed entirely. I even restarted my PC to make sure they are not running in the Background (there's no any mention of them in Task Manager\ Processes). 2- I deleted all the strategy clear logos from both folders as you can see in screenshot number 1. 2- Then I launched BigBox and Refreshed All Images as you can see in screenshot number 2. 3- unfortunately, the Strategy playlist still appears as clear logo. Not as text as you can see in screenshot number 3. 4- the clear logos reappeared again in both folders, although I deleted them as you can see in screenshot number 4. I repeated these instructions multiple times to be sure. Same results.
  23. Hello again Sir, I don't know what's going on but: 1- Yes, I have clear logos in the "C:\LaunchBox\Images\Playlists\ Playlist name" folders (see screenshot number 1) which they keep regenerating no matter how much I delete them manually or by using "Edit Playlist" menu on Launchbox. 2- No, I don't have any clear logos in both Default and UI1 Themes folders (see screenshot number 2). I took a screenshot for the Cache-BB folder. The Strategy playlist appears as a clear logo, not as a text (see screenshot number 3). Is that normal? If it's not, can I do anything about it? Many Thanks again.
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